Carbon Footprint Calculator FAQ | Minimise Energy Calculator FAQ

1. What is the no2co2 Minimise Calculator
2. How do I know which section of resource consumption in my life (food, travel, energy use) I should tackle first?
3. What kind of minimise interventions can be assessed/ modelled through the no2co2 Minimise Calculator?
4. Is there an ideal value for carbon footprint? How much should I minimise?
5. Why do I have to do an inventory of individual electrial appliances in order to minimise? Isnt it enough to just look at my electricity bill?
6. Why are Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Water Heater, Television, Light Bulbs and Ceiling Fans the only six electrical appliances whose power consumption is modelled through the no2co2 Minimise Calculator?
7. What do BEE's Star ratings for electrical appliances signify?
8. Some of my appliances do not have BEE Star rating. Does it mean that they are not energy efficient?
9. Why am I asked to enter the temperature at which I set my Air Conditioner?
10. Doesn't the electrical energy consumption of an Air Conditioner also depend on the outside (ambient) temperature?
11. Do temperature control appliances like Air Conditioner, Refrigerator and Water Heater consume electricity at a constant rate?
12. If resource conservation usually translates to cost savings, why do I have to spend money in buying new appliances?
13. If energy efficient appliances always have lower resource consumption and operating costs, should I junk all my old appliances and buy the most energy efficient appliance in the market?
14. What is payback period and how is it calculated?
15. Why doesn't the no2co2 Minimise Calculator ask for more details on my refirgerator use?
16. How is electrical energy measured?
17. How is carbon footprint measured?