Mo Polamar

Man with the vision and plan, with lateral thought and interests, he looks to integrate various personal and social interests to create an organization that can usher the change the world seeks. Mo is a close follower of Barack Obama and he believes that it is in one’s own hands to bring in Change.

Mo and Gautam Shiknis are the founders of Palador, which pioneered bringing quality cinema into India. They make a formidable team that is now involved in various social change projects, covering issues and challenges as wide as the Environment, Politics, Trade and Censorship.
He challenges and directs the no2co2 team both internally and externally.

Gautam Shiknis

After bringing in many MNC brands to India during his stint at Saatchi and Saatchi, Gautam moved on to start his own businesses – in data analysis, and more recently, in World Cinema.

Gautam is also a writer of repute and has been a visiting faculty at the NMIMS University and is on the panel of judges and advisor to Eureka – the annual business plan competition held by IIT, Mumbai, for over three years.

Gautam brings branding and marketing expertise to all lateral incursions and, along with Mo, forms the apex of business thought for this venture.

Vivek Gilani

Vivek’s professional choice of Environmental Engineering is one of the external manifestations of his insatiable appetite to achieve an all-encompassing awareness of the self.

The endeavour to spawn a Carbon Footprint Analysis and Intervention-movement is another manifestation of this impetus but is also unique as it underscores other dimensions of his fascination with life. At its nucleus is Vivek’s introspection of his own relationship with the global and local environment. The adjacent orbital is occupied by the desire to know if this devotion to examination resides latently at the core of his fellow humans and can be roused into an active state through convincing stimulation. The final orbital is occupied by the desire to restore the balance between man and the physical environment.

Activist, Visionary, Vivek is the father of the logic that goes behind the Carbon Footprint Calculator.

Joya Chakravarty

After careening wildly from Biochemistry labs to the Institute of Rural Management, to the New York University, to designing Human Resources Systems, to conducting yoga classes, doing art installations, trying to grow vegetables and working with rural craftspersons, Joya has given up trying to make sense of her career. Joya’s environmental awakening happened during her five-year stay in America during the highly polarizing, and enlightening, Bush.

Joya brings order to the chaos in this project and keeps an eye on all operations.

Saurin Desai

Saurin does not know when or how he migrated from being an engineering student to being a writer and actor. But one thing he does not have regrets – for he’s a master communicator with the written word, writing films, short stories, verse, articles and ad copies.
Saurin’s researching and analyzing prowess are used to continually probe the inchoate and nebulous world of the Carbon business and find relevancy with this project. And of course, Saurin is also responsible for maintaining coherency of every written word.

Savita Vijay Kumar

Savita studied Journalism, and changed tracks to unearth an old dream from school – to disprove Yeats’s,” The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity.”

The Non-Profit Organization ‘So, What Now?’, that she founded together with her dearest friend is based on the philosophy that you cannot force people to change, but you can affect profound change in a person by making them realize their power to affect external change.
Savita brings the same conviction and passion to her association with NO2CO2 where she assists in research, education outreach initiatives.

Expert Panel

Amit Garg

A fellow of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, Mr Amit Garg has expertise in the areas of emissions inventory estimation and analysis, and energy-environment policy analysis. He has co-authored and edited two definitive volumes in the realm of India’s impact on Global Warming: “Emissions Inventory of India” and “Climate Change and India: Uncertainty Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Inventory Estimates”.

In addition to his unrivalled expertise in India-specific GHG emissions, he has played an instrumental role in the Global progress towards climate change mitigation; he was the Coordinating Lead Author for ‘Volume 2: Energy’ of the 2006 IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories.

Mr Amit Garg has reviewed the methods and calculations employed by the Simple Calculator and is in the process of being formally engaged as a Consulting Research Advisor with no2co2 website.