AC Compressor Not Working But Fan Is Running? Causes And Guide

AC Compressor Not Working

In the heat of summers, the worst thing that might occur to you is an Air Conditioning unit that does not work correctly. Instead of relaxing in nice and cool air, you find yourself bearing the brunt of warm air. This takes place when the Air Conditioning fan is running, but the compressor does not kick in. Considering how your air conditioning system runs regularly, it isn’t unexpected that something has gone wrong with the compressor. This does not translate to a death sentence for your Air Conditioner. So don’t panic. Your AC compressor is not working, but the fan is running, so the scenario is not too alarming. Through the medium of this post, we will help you comprehend why this could be happening.

Indications Your Air Conditioner Compressor Isn’t Working

When your A/C compressor isn’t working, you might see that the breaker frequently journeys, or that the compressor has completely shut down.

Another common appearance is for the outdoor unit to shake and make sounds. And obviously, there’s the situation where you’ll find the fan running but the A/C compressor not working.

Your cooling unit needs the compressor to release cool air inside your home. The compressor of the ac is the heart of the system and is a pricey part to change.

But not all compressor issues require replacement. Let’s take a look at the most common reasons your AC compressor isn’t working, but the fan is running.

Why Your AC Compressor is Not Working But the Fan is Running

AC Compressor Not Working but fan is working

These are the leading reasons that you’ll find your Air Conditioner compressor not working, but the fan is running. Some concerns can be solved on your own, particularly if you’re a DIY’er, and others ought to be fixed by an HVAC professional.

1. Dirt and Debris

Your air conditioner does not simply move air from one location to another; it likewise picks up particles of dust and particles in the process. The filter collects the majority of the debris, but if the filter isn’t changed regularly, the particles will build-up on the condenser coils.

Although, it’s essential to remember that even routine filter altering will not protect your A/C system. Dirt accumulation is simply something that takes place over time, but keeping your filter clean will make a big distinction.

When the air filter is dirty, the airflow is considerably reduced, and without appropriate airflow, the evaporator coil can stop working. The entire AC unit can shut down if your filter (s), condenser coil, or evaporator is filthy. It can even freeze up your ac unit.

Even if your air conditioning unit is still operating, when your air filter and condenser coil are dirty, your compressor is required to work harder, and it will ultimately get too hot.

If your compressor gets too hot, cross your fingers that it closes down instantly before any damage was done. But if it didn’t, you’ll require to change your compressor.

If this is your problem, you need to be able to repair it yourself, unless naturally, the compressor was harmed. Here’s what you require to do: Replace your air filter, tidy the condenser coils, and check and clear any blockages in the supply vents.

2. Thermostat

This problem may not be your compressor at all! In fact, it could be as easy as a thermostat setting. Somebody might have adjusted the thermostat, and you’re expecting your Air Conditioner to turn on.

However, the information originating from your thermostat is that space is already at the correct temperature level. In which case, the air conditioning unit won’t kick-in, and neither will the compressor.

If after changing your thermostat and your AC compressor still doesn’t start, you may have a defective thermostat which will need to be replaced by a service technician. Although this isn’t the best outcome, it is far less expensive than replacing your compressor!

3. Electrical Issue

AC Compressor Not Working with electrical issue

When the fan is running but the A/C compressor isn’t there’s a likelihood that electrical power isn’t reaching the outdoors unit where the compressor is located – and because the inside unit has power, the fan is still running.

First, check the circuit breaker to see if it has tripped or if there’s a blown fuse. Then check the wiring in between the within and outdoors system.

Unless you’re comfy dealing with electricity, it’s generally best to get in touch with a professional to help you fix an electrical problem.

4. Mismatched Units

Split systems have an indoor system and an outdoor unit. These systems are matched and developed to work together. Often homeowners try to replace just one of the units to either save money or because they didn’t comprehend how the system works.

This can be a costly error. If you just recently replaced either your indoor or outside system and your Air Conditioning compressor stops working, there’s a great chance that the units aren’t appropriately matched. We extremely suggest contacting an HVAC professional to help you determine your next relocation.

5. Air Conditioning Capacitor and Starter Relay

A common problem with AC compressors is the starter relay and Air Conditioning capacitor. These two elements play a vital function in offering the compressor with the power it needs to run.

The AC capacitor offers power to the compressor, external fan, and the blower motor. The starter relay sends the power to the compressor from the capacitors.

If you notice a humming noise and your Air Conditioner compressor isn’t working, it could be that the compressor is attempting to access the capacitor, only the capacitor is malfunctioning.

If this is your issue, contact an HVAC expert. This is economical repair work, however, ought to be done by a certified specialist.

6. Dead Compressor

There’s a lot of reasons that your compressor breaks down. It could be a refrigerant issue: Too much, inadequate, or obstructed lines. Or it could be that the compressor’s oil lube was inadequate. It may even be an electrical issue, such as the one discussed above.

Regardless, your compressor is dead, and your AC isn’t working, and sadly, your only choice is to replace your compressor. This can be a costly task and should only be done by a professional. I would suggest buying a new Inverter AC instead of replacing the compressor as having newer technology would be more convenient and would last longer as well.

7. Exceeded Service Life

Sadly, even the best air conditioning systems have a life span. If your AC system is over a decade old, it may have reached completion of its useful life.

Gradually, the constant wear-and-tear cause internal components to breakdown and deteriorate. As you might picture, replacing your entire system isn’t low-cost. Nevertheless, it’ll run far more efficiently, and you’ll conserve money monthly on your energy bills.

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AC compressor not working but fan is running, this might trigger you some pain and concern. However, the very best strategy is to get an HVAC professional to inspect the issue for you. Even if the issue is small, your Air Conditioning would have got a comprehensive examination to prevent additional issues anymore. Don’t wait on a concern to intensify, at first sight of it schedule an appointment with an HVAC expert.

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