Best Ceiling Fans in India – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Ceiling Fans in India

Summer days are always too hot for India, and you need a few appliances to survive the heat. One of these appliances is ceiling fans whose performing ability will determine whether you’ll have a good or bad summer season. Your ceiling fan does a lot during the peak summer as it circulates air and gives wind thrust to make sure heat doesn’t get the best of you.

To ensure that you have a good summer, you should invest in a good ceiling fan, and since you landed on our page, we believe you needed help in getting one. The ordeal of finding out about the best ceiling fan brand in India and determining which ceiling fan is best makes the shopping process annoying.

We’ve reviewed some of the best ceiling fans and brought the best ceiling fans in India to help you in your venture of finding the best fan for home.

Product Comparison

1st Place
Atomberg Efficio 3 Blade Ceiling Fan By Atomberg
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Best Value
Orient Electric Aeroslim Ceiling Fan By Orient
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3 Crompton Aura Prime Ceiling Fan By Crompton
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4 Orient Electric Aeroquiet Ceiling Fan By Orient
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5 Havells Nicola Ceiling Fan By Havells
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10 Best Ceiling Fan in India

1. Atomberg Efficio 3 Blade Ceiling Fan

The classic white atomberg ceiling fan is built to impress you. It is super energy efficient thanks to its smart BLDC motor that consumes only 28 watts even at its highest speed. With this fan, you can save up to 1500 rupees on your electricity bill and calculate how big this number gets in decades.

This high-speed fan has output parameter sta par in comparison to any market alternative. Its inverter stabilization technology makes sure that the fan constantly runs on a voltage range of 140 to 285 volts. You can operate this fan easily using it’s smart remote so talk about convenience, and you won’t fail to mention this atomberg ceiling fan.


  • Stylish look
  • Smart remote gives easy to control.
  • Modes for a customized experience
  • BLDC motor saves money on bills
  • Two-year warranty and one year extended registration warranty.
  • Runs three times more on inverter battery
  • Z+ Shielded double ball bearing


  • Bad plastic quality of the remote

2. Orient Electric Aeroslim Ceiling Fan

You don’t expect anything less than amazing from Orient, and this fan stands up to that expectation. It is expertly designed with inverter technology to help save 40% more energy than a regular ceiling fan.

You can control this fan via both remote and mobile app so whether you’re sitting, sitting or lying down, your fan is always within your control. The best thing is how you can connect multiple fans to the same app giving you supreme comfort to handle fans, however, and whenever you like. Air delivery is strong even within voltage variations, and short circuit protection ensures long product life. The fan is smooth and comes with a dimmability option, so you set the mood of your room with your desired level of lighting.

It has 1200 sweep length that can circulate air in large spaces and it works on 45 wattages. It has a decent spin speed of 310 RPM, and it delivers a strong thrust of air within 240 cubics per meter, but it is not as fast as wall fans, so if you want to feel cool, you might want to consider reading our reviews on the best wall fans.


  • Hydrographic finish makes it look stylish
  • Durable body with adjustable telescopic height
  • Easy access via remote and app
  • Two-year warranty
  • Powerful and energy-efficient motor
  • Higher air thrust and improved air delivery of 240 CMM
  • Sweep length of 1200 mm
  • 310 RPM spin speed


  • Customer complained of bad service.

3. Crompton Aura Prime Ceiling Fan

Crompton is a very popular company and manufacture of table fans, wall fans, tower fans etc. With this Crompton aura prime ceiling fan, you can enhance the aesthetics of your living space by several folds. This fan has an anti-dust modern design that complements all kinds of home decor.

It is a high-speed fan that offers best-in-class air delivery of 230 mm. The fan provides guaranteed comfort and superior cooling to help you get by summer with ultimate ease. It comes with a powerful copper motor and dynamically balanced blades for improved air circulation. The impressive build quality makes up for a longer life.

The best thing about this ceiling fan is how less Maintenance it requires, you can clean it in a single swipe due to the anti-dust body. Double ball bearings, high performance and durable body, makes this ceiling fan stand out from its contenders.


  • Speed of 380 rpm and 230 cmm air delivery
  • Power rating of 74 watts
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy design
  • Great appeal
  • Two-year warranty


  • No remote control

4. Orient Electric Aeroquiet Ceiling Fan

Another masterpiece by orient as it comes up with a stylish, powerful and efficient ceiling fan that works quietly. It has a high gloss premium PU finish that is a sheer winner with its fluidic silhouette and adds a posh look to your room.

This fan sets a new benchmark in the style game along with its high-grade compounded ABS blades. It has the sturdiest 18 poles heavy motor with ball bearing that offers outstanding performance making this a world-class product. As its name suggests, the silent operation is due to its aerodynamic profiled blades that offer great air delivery of 240 cmm. The efficient yet powerful motor offers great air circulation and lasts for a long time.


  • High-speed fan with airflow of 8122 CFM
  • Power rating of 62 watts
  • Silent operation
  • Spin speed of 310 RPM
  • Easy clean
  • Great appeal
  • Two-year warranty


  • Not available in 36 and 48 inches
  • No light fixture available

5. Havells Nicola Ceiling Fan

Havells has been a well-known brand in the fans industry due to its superior quality products. This Havells Nicola Ceiling Fan keeps up with the reputation by delivering outstanding performance for decades.

It has both optimum quality and innovative design making it stand out from its competition. The three-blade design gives strong air delivery and is available in sizes up to 600 mm, 900mm, and 1400 mm. The exceptional colour combination makes it pleasing to the eyes as it adds a royal touch to your room. It has robust build quality due to sturdy die-cast covers and premium aluminium blades.


  • Metallic paint finish makes it look great.
  • Sweep length available up to 1400mm
  • Robust body
  • The three-blade design gives superior airflow.
  • Power rating of 68 watts
  • Two-year warranty


  • Makes noise while operating

6. Usha Technix Ceiling Fan

It is built to attract you with its stylish design. This Usha fan offers best within its league with its aerodynamically balanced design. It has a large and powerful motor that provides maximum air delivery while consuming only 45 watts of power.

It has wide blades that offer uniform circulation with high air delivery. The superior high permeability grade electric steel lamination provides improved performance and longer life. Glossy powder-coated paint makes sure you don’t have to spend too much time cleaning the fan. The high lift angle allows the fan to give a wider air spread.


  • Power rating of 45 watts
  • Looks elegant
  • Wide blades give better air circulation.
  • Air delivery of 220 CMM and speed of 330 RPM
  • Sweep length of 1200 mm
  • Two-year warranty


  • No BLDC motor

7. Orient Electric Apex-FX Ceiling Fan

This orient ceiling fan is highly reliable and durable. We believe that this fan has impressed us to a point where we classify it as a must-have for your home. It is available in two colour variants and seamlessly blends with all kinds of modern home decor.

It is equipped with a powerful and robust motor that provides superior performance. The air thrust is probably the best thing about this fan as it gives nothing less than best in terms of comfort, cooling and air circulation. The electric apex has high air delivery. The powder coating that gives it a longer life.


  • Impressive build quality
  • Service value-2.5CMM/watt
  • Air delivery: 200m3/min
  • Motor speed of 370 rpm and five-speed settings
  • 40 watts power consumption
  • Ribbed blade design delivers more air thrust.
  • Two-year warranty


  • No remote control access

8. Bajaj Maxima Ceiling Fan

Bajaj has been the most trusted and popular brand in the Indian market. All of the bajaj products, including this ceiling fan, offer good performance at an economical rate, making it great value for money.

With 870 RPM, this high-speed fan offers great performance while being compact. The improved air quality is uniform in all corners of the room. Double ball bearings enhance the lifespan of this fan and prevent friction as well as noise during operation. High sweep length and air delivery even at low voltages make this a world-class quality product. Four blades work harmoniously to provide superior comfort and cooling. We highly recommend this product due to its premium look and quality.


  • Sweep length of 600mm
  • Four blades offer noiseless operation
  • Robust design
  • 870 RPM speed and three-speed settings
  • Power rating of 66 watts
  • Two-year warranty


  • Not an inverter fan.
  • No remote control

9. Crompton Hill Briz Ceiling Fan

If you ask us to write down some of the best fans in India, we’ll mention Hill Briz from Crompton. It is a premium fan with a copper winding that guarantees high durability. With its double ball bearings that minimize the noise and offer a longer life.

The three-blade is engineered to offer high air delivery. Aluminium body and powder coated blades are designed to be corrosion resistant with a unique angle allowing it to provide you with better cooling. The fan runs at high speed providing uniform circulation and ultimate comfort to the user. Although we won’t claim that this fan is extremely fashionable, its plain yet elegant design is bound to catch your attention almost immediately.


  • Sweep length of 1200mm
  • Speed (RPM) 370
  • Power Input (W) 75
  • Double ball bearing allows the fan to have a noiseless operation
  • Two-year warranty


  • When you operate it at slow speed, then it becomes very slow.  

10. Luminous Dhoom Ceiling Fan

As the name suggests, this high-speed Luminous ceiling fan has uncluttered looks with amazing performance. The fan provides optimum performance even at low voltages. The wider conical spread of breeze is uniform in every part of the room.

Simple design and high performance give you ultimate cooling even at the peak of the summer season. It is built to maximize air delivery, enhancing the overall comfort of the user. The aerodynamically balanced blades give the best of the performance without creating too much noise. Powerful and sturdy motor enhances the product life.

Luminous Dhoom adds a stylish look and brings out the life in your home decor. Motor bodies and blades are made from premium quality aluminium to prevent corrosion and to last for a long time.


  • Air Delivery: 220CMM
  • Speed: 380 RPM
  • Sweep: 1200mm
  • Power: 70 watts


  • Requires frequent maintenance

Ceiling Fans in India – Buying Guide

Ceiling Fans in India

1. Features

You’ll always see companies coming up with one or another attractive feature to make your experience even more comfortable. For example, there are fans with lighting kits that offer overhead lighting, in case you want more light in your room. There are fans with temperature fixture adjustment so that you don’t have to increase or decrease the speed of your fan constantly.

We believe by looking further, you’ll find way more features that may or may not be useful for you so try to list down your requirements and make sure you don’t buy a fan with an unnecessary amount of features that you won’t be using anytime soon.

2. Room Size and Fan Sweep Size

Both of these things go hand in hand if your room isn’t big and you get a fan with great sweep size it will be a bad investment. So you must buy a fan with a sweep size that is relative to your room size. Fan sweep size is the diameter or area covered by a fan during air circulation.

To ensure that you choose the correct fan size to remember that 24 inches work great for a room with an area less than 35 square feet, 35 inches for 65 square feet, 47 inches for 100 square feet, and 55 inches for up to 225 square feet.

3. Convenience

Pretty much the entire reason for you to invest in a ceiling fan in the first place. You should check your fan’s performance or details beforehand to get an idea about how well it will circulate air and how much convenience it will offer. A good ceiling fan will have great features and strong air thrust that will make you feel cool even in the scorching summer heat.

4. Number of Fan Blades

Not to forget, the number of blades and their length directly affects the performance of your ceiling fan. It would be best if you went for a ceiling fan that offers a good combination of aerodynamically balanced blades. If you use a fan as your primary cooling solution, then you should select a fan with less number of blades which will provide better air circulation. But if you also rely on ac and the fan just works as a boost for air circulation then go for the higher number of blades. Fans with five blades work silently.

5. Blade Pitch

The low drag shape of a ceiling fan allows it to provide better air circulation. A flat blade doesn’t produce good enough wind movement or air thrust so you would barely feel any cooling with a flat blade ceiling fan. But an angle of twelve to fifteen degrees adds stars to the performing ability as the fan offers improved air circulation. Any higher than the suggested angle produces great pressure on the motor causing high power consumption and as well as electricity bills.

6. Fan Motor

The motor is the main energy source for the fan, which enhances or degrades its product life, reliability, performing ability, and durability. A strong motor makes sure your fan delivers more than the energy consumed, and BLDC motors are considered the ideal choice for fans. They get more work done in silence so that you can peacefully sleep while your fan brings down the heat of your room.

7. Aesthetics

A ceiling fan is a permanent fixture on the roof of your room, and you’ll prefer it to be eye-catchy. Elegant and sleek looking ceiling fans are best to keep up with the aesthetics of your room.

If you’re someone who loves to have a royal or posh look in your home, then try looking into a fan with light fixtures that even allow you to set up a chandelier making up as a great eye-pleaser for the guests.

8. Location of the ceiling fan

Ceiling Fans in India

Your room size determines what place is best for your ceiling fan, for example for square rooms you should fix the fan in the centre position. If you have elongated big rooms, then you should place two fans separated by some distance making sure even the corners of rooms have proper air circulation.

It would help if you made sure that there is at least an eight feet gap between the ground and the fan for safety purposes.

9. Length of Down Rod

The gap between the ceiling and group helps you determine the desired length of the down rod. You should have at least 6 inches down rod length for a ceiling height of nine feet but if anything more than that requires 11-12 inches long down rod. As a rule of thumb, there is a 6-inch increase in down rod length for every foot difference.

10. Budget

You will find very cheap as well as most expensive models on the market, and it’s crucial that you select a budget range for your purchase to have a fruitful investment. Your budget determines the features, size, aesthetics, design and performance of your fan so make sure to check a lot of models to find the most suitable one for your home.

11. Ceiling Fan Controlling options

It was the good old days where you used to control your fan via a regulator, but in current times you can have ceiling fans with remote control access which give you supreme comfort and convenience. Some fans offer you control via pull cords so that you can fashionably control your fan.


After discussing all of this, we hope that shopping for ceiling fans must have become easy for you as you now know almost all the differentiating factors that make up the best fans in India. Finding best ceiling fans in India with reasonable price tags is not that difficult, but you should check out multiple places to make sure you’re paying the exact price of the fan.


1. What is a good RPM for a ceiling fan?

For a better idea, you should know about figures related to both RPM and CFM. A good fan will offer you around 300-400 RPM and 4,000-5.000 CFM. This will help you determine whether you’re getting a decent quality fan or not. Anything beyond the stated numbers will be equivalent to getting the best quality ceiling fan in India.

2. Is it compulsory to use a regulator?

No, it is not compulsory to use a regulator, but it is always recommended to get a designated regulator for your ceiling fan. If you don’t have a regulator, your fan will run on maximum speed all the time. Getting a regulator makes sure that whenever it’s chilly, you don’t need maximum fan speed you can switch it to the medium or low-speed mode and vice versa.

3. Is a 5-blade fan better than one with either three or four blades?

In order to get one of the most energy-efficient ceiling fans in India, you have to make sure that it is aerodynamically balanced and has less number of blades. Higher number of blades work noiselessly, but they’re not that efficient when it comes to air delivery and performing ability.

4. Is a bigger ceiling fan better?

Yes, the bigger your ceiling fan is, the better performance it delivers. In the case of ceiling fans, bigger fans are more robust and are able to cover more area with good enough air delivery. So, if you are considering getting a big size fan, then you should go for it.

5. What is the lowest ceiling height for a ceiling fan?

Your ceiling fan must have a minimum of seven feet difference between the end of the rod and the ground. It is not advisable to reduce the gap any further because apart from reducing the performing ability of your fan, you might even hurt yourself if you stand up absentmindedly.

6. Does the warranty play a significant role in selecting the ceiling fan?

We highly recommend you to choose the ceiling fan that offers the highest warranty period. It will help you determine whether you’ve received a good product is a good enough time and get immediate exchange in case of the faulty product.

7. Is it safe to purchase a ceiling fan online?

It is safe to buy a ceiling fan online only if you’re buying it from a reliable website like amazon, flip kart etc. If you are hesitant about online shopping, then we also recommend going to your local market to check out different models and purchase the most suitable one for your home.

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