Which Air Cooler Is Best | Blower Vs Fan Cooler

Blower Vs Fan Cooler

With summer knocking at the door, a lot of us are leaning towards purchasing new air conditioner units and air coolers. With different offers and discounts pervading the market, you might be tempted to invest without considering the benefits of an air cooler. To speak from a financial point of view, an air cooler is easier to invest in and is also quite easy on your pocket. Like an air conditioner, it does not need to be set up on the wall after drilling holes into your newly coloured walls and is also more environmentally friendly

The air coolers come with different features however, some with blowers and some have fan coolers, and there are a lot of differences between these two features, which may make choosing your air cooler a harrowing task for you. You must always choose the best fit for your household after checking out every specification because you might end up with a machine that would be of no use to you. 

To understand the difference between blower and fan in an air cooler and to choose which cooler is best, blower or fan, you must read this guide so you can make a choice that suits you best. 

Which Cooler Is Best, Blower Or Fan?

Blower Or Fan Cooler

Under this section, you will learn the difference between blower and fan in air cooler. We will compare different aspects of the two and inform you how a blower or a fan is better than the other in one particular category.

1. Functionality

Usually, the main job of an air cooler is to supply air and circulate the air properly where it is placed, but a fan cooler and a blower cooler differ in the way they operate and the technical aspects of it. A fan is a device that uses electricity to circulate air and move air around a large space. On the other hand, a blower usually is fixated on pinpointing the air in a very specific direction or a certain point in the space.

Blowers usually come with extremely powerful throw capabilities, some ranging to even 65 to 70 feet distances from the unit. Usually, blower type air coolers are effective and can be beneficial when installed in a small or a moderate-sized room, but fan coolers are ideal for larger spaces since they circulate air throughout the entire room.

2. Air Flow

In an air cooler, airflow is usually measured in CFM or cubic feet per minute which is the amount of air cycled in your room each minute. Therefore, fans create airflow in a much larger volume than an average blower, but with low pressure and are used predominantly in bigger air coolers. However, blowers in air coolers can create a high-pressure airflow with a higher speed and air throw. Fan type coolers are therefore the best if you want to cool an entire room as opposed to blowers which cool only a specific area.

3. Design

Fan models are outdated and when compared to blowers, lack sleekness and compact design. Blower designs are ergonomically designed which can easily be stored in small spaces. Some of them also come with a lot of new features and can be controlled with remotes, which older fan models lack. 

4. Efficiency

Air coolers are preferred more than air conditioners because of their comparatively less consumption of power, and if we look very closely, then we can see that the modern type air coolers with blower systems house a much ergonomic design which is also more environmentally friendly and offer more power efficiency than the fan-based old models of air coolers because they come with more specifications and more features which can regulate the energy consumption and give cooler air.

5. Cooling Pads

While the functionality and design of an air cooler matters a lot, the cooling pads housed in the air coolers wholly contribute to the efficiency and performance of the machine. Usually, in honeycomb or aspen (wood wool) patterns (check the difference between honeycomb or aspen cooling pads), these pads differ in the capacity of absorbing water and help in a faster process of evaporation. Most blower type air coolers come with honeycomb pads nowadays and it helps in a faster evaporation process and therefore much more efficient than the aspen patterns. 

Other Types Of Air Coolers

Types Of Air Coolers

1. Personal Coolers

Personal coolers are usually small in size and very compact, which is why you can place them just beside your bed, sofa, chairs, etc., and are very easy to shift from one place to another. These coolers are usually lightweight and are portable because they come with castor wheels which can easily be wheeled to wherever you want to place them. They also have better air delivery indoors, and are much more energy-efficient than most coolers and therefore will offer much more benefits. Usually, these are not that noisy like your average air coolers and if you have a small room, you can easily go for this type. 

2. Tower Coolers

Tower coolers look similar to air coolers and are usually new models and are known for their stylish and sleek design which offer a superior air cooling property. Usually, these can fit into narrow spaces, which makes it a great fit for small rooms and a major plus is that the water tank capacity is high, which means you can use these types of coolers for prolonged periods. The design of a tower cooler makes it a perfect fit for your modern homes, and it is also easy on the pocket and is a great investment if you want a cooler which is less expensive and has a better cooling property than the other coolers. 

3. Window Coolers

Window coolers, as you can very well guess by the name, are fitted in the windows, and look very similar to the old window ACs. But a benefit is that you need not necessarily install this in a window, you can also install this on a portable trolley. Usually, window coolers are affordable and have sleek and sophisticated looks which complement your house well. They also cover every little space which makes it compact and suitable for small rooms


There are a lot of options present in the market alongside fan type and blower type coolers, and it is only expected that you will take a look at the vast number of options and research properly on the specifications to determine what product you will have a good time using. Using an air cooler is a much cheaper and environmentally responsible action, and can also potentially be a great investment for you. We hope with this article, we have solved you query on which cooler is best, blower or fan. However, if you still have any doubts regarding this topic, feel free to use the comment section below.

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