Blue Star AC Review, Best Indian AC Brand?

Blue Star AC Review

Blue Star is an established Indian air-conditioning brand that started its operations simply a couple of years after India’s independence. Blue Star is a leading air-conditioning and refrigeration company. You may have noticed the ubiquity of Blue Star products while going to a commercial/industrial location. That’s since one in 3 industrial buildings in India has a Blue Star item installed. Such is the brand’s reach in the Indian market. After Voltas, Blue Star is the most desired Indian A/C brand when it concerns the room ac system.

Blue Star uses a myriad of Air Conditioning designs catering requirements of diverse customers. For commercial users, they use cassette and VRF (variable refrigerant circulation) systems; for property, it provides windows and split ac systems, and for the casual users who are constantly on the flick, it offers portable ACs.

Blue Star has 5 production systems with near to 4000 outlets spread out across the length and breadth of the nation. An integrated organization design consisting of a manufacturer, professional and after-sales provider enabled Blue Star to provide an end-to-end option to its consumers. This has been the primary USP of Blue Star items.

Energy efficiency and eco-friendliness are the chief focus of Blue Star. That is why all the split Air conditioners from 2018 onwards from Blue Star have deserted the usage of R22 refrigerant with high global warming capacity and changed it with more environment-friendly alternatives like R32 and R410. Furthermore, these models are compliant with BEE’s current (2018) rating standards (Bureau of Energy Effectiveness). We will check out the essential innovations in the most recent lineup of Blue Star a/c.

BlueStar Air Conditioner Feature Review

BlueStar Air Conditioner Feature Review


  • Indian Brand
  • Variety Of Products
  • Eco Friendly Refrigerant
  • Low Sound Levels


  • Power consumption is a little high
  • some of the latest features are missing

1. Smart Control of Blue Star Air Conditioning utilizing a Smart device

There are times when you lose the remote of an AC, and if this happens when you wish to turn on the AC throughout the sweltering summer seasons, absolutely nothing even worse. Trusted brand names like Blue Star offer an alternate technique to manage the Air Conditioner, that is, by using the mobile phone. Roughly half of the new split Air conditioners from Blue Star feature a Smart Control feature that assists in handling the A/C utilizing the mobile phone. The user requires to download a dedicated app for A/C control and pair it with a router. When the connection is developed, the user can manage and monitor their Air Conditioning from any place using their smart device. Smart Control is undoubtedly an advantage for people who have a predisposition of losing their remote.

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2. Accurate Cooling Technology Implemented Utilizing EEV and Numerous Sensing Units

Regular Air conditionings generally control the cooling of ACs in the step of 1-degree centigrade. But the brand-new 5-star inverter A/cs feature Accuracy Cooling Innovation (PCT) which assists in maintaining the Air Conditioner, cooling even in the decimals, i.e., as precisely as 0.1 oC. PCT is achieved through an elegant style comprising several sensing units, a wise processor, and an electronic growth valve. Ordinary A/c comes with the capillary or thermostatic valve, which is debarred of any sophisticated electronic component. They merely enable the free circulation of the refrigerant. However electronic growth valve (EEV) used in Blue Star ACs controls the flow according to the load needed. This helps in enhancing the effectiveness of the sought-after cooling. It has various settings which allow accurate control of temperature level. This precision is guided by the use of 5 specialized sensing units:

  • Condenser coil sensing unit
  • DLT sensing unit
  • Evaporator coil sensing unit
  • Room return sensor
  • Ambient sensor

Furthermore, the innovative PID system assists in keeping the room temperature well within a ± 0.5 ° C variety.

3. 4D Wide Angle Airflow with Instructions Control

Usually, A/cs include a 2-way (up and down) swing blade to share cool air inside the space. But the majority of the 5-star inverter series Blue Star models feature the 4D swing function (up-down + right-left), which blows the cool air in multiple directions to ensure comprehensive cooling inside the room. This 4D swing is designed with a motorized horizontal and vertical swing utility that provides uniform cooling throughout the room through an omnidirectional airflow mechanism. Also, the louvers feature a broader angle to guarantee the even circulation of cool air inside the space without debarring even the distant corners from cooling. The very best part is it enables the user to alter the air blow direction if they wish to avoid a draft of cold air straight hitting their head. The 4D air circulation system is understood to cool a larger area quickly just by adjusting horizontal and vertical louver.

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4. Hot and Cool Air Conditioners – An All-Year-Round Conditioning Solution

 Hot and Cool Air Conditioners

Whenever you hear the word ‘Air Conditioning,’ what concerns the mind is an appliance that blows cooled air, reducing the enclosed space’s temperature to cool levels efficiently. But the leaders of air conditioning systems invented it with a concept of “conditioning” or setting it to a desired/specific temperature level. Theoretically, Air conditioners need to condition the temperature in the winter season, too, based on the user’s need, i.e., it must heat the room throughout the wintry winters. Well, modern premium Blue Star ACs can implement that theory (of heating during winter seasons). They include a built-in heating system performance in the kind of heat mode option, which would reverse the a/c procedure when enabled. Fan ceases to run, and the warm air is blown till the preferred warm temperature is reached. The very best part is that it does not use a heating filament like standard heating systems. This implies they are a lot more energy-effective and remove the danger of low oxygen– a common issue with ordinary heaters. So, with the Hot and Cold Air Conditioning offering, businesses are gradually changing the philosophy that ACs are just seasonal products. With an overture of heating, ACs now provide energy throughout the year.

5. Impeccable Air Filtering System utilizing 7 Filters with an Auto-Clean Functionality

High-end inverter Air conditioners from Blue Star come with a cold plasma technology that generates a natural bioclimate in the Air Conditioning. They form ionic bonds with hazardous bacteria and other air-borne representatives like spores from the mold, ultimately nullifying them, being abundant in active favorable and unfavorable hydrogen and oxygen ions. These bonded particles gradually increase in size, making it simpler to be caught by the plan of 7 powerful filters Blue Star ACs features. These 7 filters are:

Dust filter: To trap dust particles depending on the air.

Anti-Acarien filter: To remove irritants and allergen.

Vitamin C filter: To get rid of radicals that communicate and get mixed with the natural anti-oxidants. Filtered air through this filter assists in reducing the stress and soften the skin.

Anti-Bacterial filter: To sterilize germs. This filter removes 95% Escherichia Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria which are infamous for triggering boils, infections, and diarrheal diseases.

Catechin filter: To inhibit additional bacterial growth. This filter also eliminates cigarette smoke and other pollutants.

Silver ion filter: To exterminate staying bacteria, fungi, and spores. This filter eliminates more than 99% of bacteria and viruses.

Active carbon filter: To absorb unpleasant odor like ammonia and filtration of other damaging chemical gases.

Additionally, few premium designs include Blow Clean mode. In this mode, the indoor blower runs for a couple of minutes after turning off the ac system. This helps in automobile cleaning and assists in keeping the indoor coil dry, avoiding the accumulation of dust or mold. The front panel of the indoor unit is easily removable. So even the manual cleansing of Air Conditioning is uncomplicated and straightforward.

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6. Copper Condenser with Anti-Corrosive Hydrophilic Blue Fin

The condenser utilized in the premium Blue Star Air Conditioner is made 100% of copper. One of the crucial benefits of copper condensers over standard aluminum is that heat transfer in copper is much better. The copper condenser is more long-lasting and much easier to clean up and maintain than the aluminum condenser. The only disadvantage of copper is that they are pricey than aluminum.

Usually, there is a problem with the build-up of dust particles around the coil of the evaporator due to low-temperature levels during the water condensation phase. But fortunately, new Blue Star ACs come with an anti-corrosive hydrophilic bluefin which neither allows water condensate to accumulate nor wears away quickly in the middle of high moisture levels around the coil. So, individuals residing in the region with high humidity will find this feature very useful to protect their A/C from corrosive elements.

7. Bluestar Inverter ac Review (Dual Rotor)

Dual Rotor Inverter Compressor with a Compressor Jacket

New AC designs from Blue Star are powered by the innovative Dual Rotor Inverter Compressor innovation. With an increased operating frequency variety, this dual rotor inverter compressor technology gives Blue Star an upper hand over its rivals in terms of cooling performance. So, what is an inverter innovation? Well, to be simple, inverter technology is comparable to the cars and truck accelerator. When a compressor requires more power, it provides it more power. When it needs less power, it offers less power. With this innovation, the compressor is always on but draws less power or more power depending upon the temperature level of the incoming air and the level set in the thermostat.

Compared to the traditional inverter, dual inverter-based Air Conditioner comes with a high-performance rotor compressor with two compression chambers, operating on a more extensive variety of frequency to keep the wanted temperature level with minimal fluctuations. An innovative BLDC motor is utilized to impart high rotational speed with minimal vibrations. Also, an acoustic jacket is offered with the compressor to reduce the sound levels. Thus, this innovation leads to faster cooling, decreased vibration, low noise, and more extended toughness of the compressor.

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8. All Round Security with Anti-Freeze Thermostat, Powder-Coated Outer Body, and Metal Enclosure for PCB Body

Frost’s development on the heat exchanger is a repeating problem in standard ACs, specifically when the unit performs at the peak (coldest) speed. Modern Blue Star split ACs utilizes an anti-freeze thermostat on the indoor coil, which prevents this issue by turning on the compressor when the requisite cold temperature level is achieved. Outside units of heaven, Star split Air conditioners have been built remembering the severe tropical Indian climate. The galvanized steel is used to construct the metal bodies and are then even more coated with polyester powder paint. This protects them from corrosion and increases their life. Modern Blue Star ACs come with a metal enclosure that covers the primary board– the PCB (printed circuit board) to avoid overheating electronic/electrical parts.

Blue Star Air Conditioners and Specifications

Name:Blue Star 0.75 Ton 3 Star Rating Window AC
Model No:3WAE081YDF
Iseer Value:1.97
Item Dimensions:56 x 60 x 38 cm; 35.1 Kilograms
Item Weight:35.1 Kilograms
Special Features:R410A Refrigerant, Self Diagnosis, Auto Restart with Memory, Hydrophillic Blue Fin for Protection, Anti-Freeze Thermostat

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Name:Blue Star 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC
Model No:IC318QATU
Annual Energy Consumption:1079.25 Kilowatt Hours
Item Dimensions:54.6 x 96.5 x 31.9 Centimeters
Item Weight:12 kg 900 g
Special Features:Inverter, Dust filter, Dehumidifier

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Name:Blue Star 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC
Model No:IC512DATU
Noise Level:58 dB
Item Dimensions:56 x 181.3 x 95.2 Centimeters
Item Weight:44 kg 900 g
Special Features:Inverter, Dust filter, Auto adjustable, Dehumidifier

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Bluestar is an old Indian AC brand offering a myriad of functions in its variegated models. Use of the electronic expansion valve, numerous sensors, BLDC motor, and double rotary inverter compressor guarantees that the room is perfectly cooled with zilch noise. 4D large airflow ensures cooling reaches even to the distant corners, so there is no disparity in cooling inside the space. Air conditioners, including the heat mode, are a valuable addition to the Air Conditioner for the purchasers residing in the region experiencing severe summertime’s and bone-chilling winter seasons. With the rising urbanization and technological innovation, air quality is becoming a significant issue, especially in huge cities. Keeping this in mind, Blue Star ACs are well geared up to filter out all types of contaminants, bacteria, viruses, dust particles, and foul smells using an impressive plan of 7 specialized filters working in tandem. Finally, for the tech-savvy users, premium designs boast of the Smart Control function that gives them the liberty to manage A/C merely by swiping the phone. Blue Star needs to be your choice if you are searching for a good cooling efficiency with minimal sound and desire an excellent air purification system in the AC.

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