Common Air Conditioner Problems And Solutions

Common Air Conditioner Problems And Solutions

The summer season has shown up, and it’s time for the air conditioning unit to do the magic they do every year. Ac systems, which were forgotten in the past couple of months, are once again the talk of the town, and air conditioning unit issues just can not be endured!

In the summer season, using a/c units is significantly increased. Nevertheless, a couple of house owners face problems once they start their air conditioning system. After such an inactive duration, there can be numerous issues associated with the ac system. It is essential to give your units an excellent checkup before putting them back into use.

Like all electrical appliances, an a/c unit also requires a routine tune-up. Some clever gadgets like clever AC controllers keep you updated with maintenance problems but keeping an examine your own is likewise essential. This assists you capture any prospective issues beforehand so that they do not turn into an expensive repair work down the road.

A/c Problems And Solutions

A/c Problems And Solutions

1. The AC Won’t Turn On 

At the top of our list of worries when you initiate your air conditioning troubleshooting review might be that you’ll turn on the system and hear nothing and feel absolutely nothing. The absence of power could be as simple as a blown a fuse or a tripped breaker, indicating you’ll have to reset the circuit breaker or change a blown usage. It likewise could be the outcome of broken or loose circuitry or thermostat issues.

2. Water Leak (Outdoors)

On hot summertime days, you might witness a puddle of water outside your house right under the compressor of your a/c. This could be because of numerous factors, including a dry air filter, damaged condensate pan, bad Air Conditioner seal, incorrect installation, etc.

The first thing you ought to do after identifying this problem is switching off your air conditioner and detaching the power supply. Things can get tricky if this issue is not taken care of promptly. For such a type of air conditioning unit problem, you may need to call a professional.

For a more detailed guide on how to solve this issue, you can read our article on “Water Dripping From Split ac“.

3. Thermostat Glitches 

If your thermostat is not working or improperly adjusted, it may not tell the a/c unit to switch on. If you have set your thermostat to the lowest temperature level setting and the system still does not start, it’s most likely time to call your HVAC repair work service technician, who will likely have to recalibrate or change the thermostat. The older, dial-type thermostats are more frequently subject to calibration issues, but in some cases, the more recent programmable thermostats are hard to program. When doing a/c troubleshooting, you need to consult your thermostat manual to set your thermostat correctly.

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4. Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling The Room

Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling The Room

An air conditioner troubleshoot may show an underperforming AC unit. This can be because of low refrigerant levels in the AC. If the refrigerant level is low, it usually implies it was either underfilled at setup, or it has a leak. If you find that your AC unit is not cooling appropriately or the air is somewhat sticky, a low refrigerant level could be the perpetrator. Without the best refrigerant level, heat and humidity can not efficiently be eliminated from the air. The refrigerant is the lifeblood of your cooling unit and is akin to the motor oil in your car.

Although your AC technician might find a leakage throughout the air conditioning repairing procedure, unfortunately, it’s not usually a matter of simply filling the refrigerant. When a vehicle often needs oil, it’s generally a sign of a larger issue. Also, with an air conditioning system, low refrigerant is usually the indication of a leak, and you will require a certified HVAC expert to fix it. If numerous leaks are found, it’s possible that you might need to change the system.

5. Air Conditioner Refrigerant Leak

AC refrigerant is likewise referred to as Freon and is accountable for cooling the air within your cooling system. As the name suggests, it is the actual mechanism through which an Air Conditioner cools your home. Sometimes though, the refrigerant can leakage, and this minimizes the efficiency of your ac system. Leakages can likewise be harmful to the instant environment.

In case of a small leakage, you will need to top up the refrigerant and use a minor repair. In case of a larger fault within the pipelines, the whole network might require to be changed. While recharging the refrigerant, be careful not to overcharge or undercharge the refrigerant. The performance of your Air Conditioning stays superior if the refrigerant charge matches the producer’s specs.

You can identify the leak at home using numerous ways of detection. As soon as found, examine the problem and undertake needed actions to patch up the leakage. If needed, call an expert prompt and get the leakage fixed to avoid more Air Conditioner issues.

6. Frozen Evaporator Coil 

Your AC may stop working, and it could be because of a frozen evaporator coil. The evaporator coil freezes when your air conditioner does not get sufficient air needed by an air conditioning system to operate. A frozen evaporator coil can make your Air Conditioner freeze up, and it may quit working. In some cases, sheets of ice start to accumulate on the coil. The coil is enclosed with ice with time, preventing the refrigerant in the coil from soaking up latent heat. This Air Conditioner problem interrupts smooth cooling.

To identify this issue, very first check the damage. Let the evaporator coil thaw (defrost). This can be done by not utilizing the unit. Be sure to disconnect the power. The evaporator coil typically takes 24 hours to thaw completely. You can accelerate the procedure by using a hairdryer. Be mindful not to overheat the coil. In case of moderate frost, keep your system working on fan mode, considering that the blower fan disappears the frost without closing down the system. You will most likely require to call an expert to correct the issue then.

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7. Air Conditioner Fan Failure

Air Conditioner Fan Failure

The outdoors unit of an AC transfers the heat from inside your home to outdoors through a fan situated in the outside system. If the fan located beyond your home does not carry out effectively, proper heat transfer does not occur. As a result, the air conditioning unit’s compressor might get too hot or might journey a safety load. The worst case is when it may cause internal damage to the compressor, leading to the replacement of an ac system.

If the fan of your system stops, then there might be a problem with the circuitry of your system or some loose element somewhere. In such cases, just remove the external casing and visually check the problem. Again, make sure to turn the power off in advance. However, it may be challenging for you to identify such an air conditioner issue, so it is much better to call a professional and get the air conditioner fixed with the proper method.

In another similar issue, you will notice that the fan is working, but the compressor is not. In that case, you can read out article “AC Compressor Not Working But Fan Is Running? Causes And Guide“.


As you can see, some problems can be prevented by carrying out an air conditioning fixing workout. If there is one takeaway from a conversation on cooling troubleshooting, it ought to be that appropriate maintenance is the very best way to prevent issues and prevent headaches for you and those who live in your property complex.

Though AC troubleshooting can be a possession to the smooth operation of your system, the top air conditioning problems can be stopped before they start with a regular upkeep plan.

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