How To Check AC Gas Level

How To Check AC Gas Level

If your cooling system does not appear to be working as well as it used to, knowing how to examine if your AC system requires more Freon could help make your space comfortably cool. When the weather condition warms up throughout the summer season, great deals of house owners begin to question whether they have low Freon levels in their air conditioner and whether they should refill or charge their refrigerant. If you’ve discovered that your house cooling system isn’t producing as much cold air as it used to, it might be a critical sign that your AC freon requires refilling; after all, no matter which design of ac system you have, it will not run for life without any faults!

In this guide, we tell you how to check the refrigerant level of an AC unit so you can arrange a recharge.

Does My Air Conditioning Unit Need A Freon Recharge?

There are a variety of things that might be incorrect with your a/c system. You require to ensure that the level of Freon for the AC system is low before you start organizing a recharge. When your conditioner needs a recharge, it will begin to blow warm air instead of cold air. Put your hand next to the vent, which releases the cool air into the space to examine the temperature level. This will provide you a good idea of whether the air that is being blown into your area is being cooled or whether it’s warm.

Another way to check Freon levels is to examine the thermostat reading. This will find a charging issue. If the thermostat seems malfunctioning or broken, you need to attempt resetting it, then turning on your conditioner so you can look for temperature level changes. A damaged thermostat might not be a sign that your system requires a recharge, so call a professional to ensure the issue is effectively identified.

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How To Check The Freon In A Home Air Conditioner

How To Check The Freon In A Home Air Conditioner

While some air conditioning unit maintenance tasks are suitable for you to tackle at home, others need a professional to do the task. You require to know which tasks you can safely handle yourself to conserve time, effort, and money. And also, prevent any damage from being caused to your system!

Here’s a review of the checks you can perform before handing the AC over to an expensive specialist:

1. Fan – Checking The Fan Is Something You Can Do Yourself

You need to switch on the air conditioning system, then visually examine the fan. It should start moving instantly. If it doesn’t move, there’s a possibility the motor could be at fault. Never put your hand inside the fan, as this could be harmful. An expert must deal with any issue with the fan’s motor.

2. Filter – The Air Filters Can Quickly Block Particles And Dirt

If you’re comfy with checking your filters in a safe method, ensure they are unblocked and tidy. Often, cleaning your air filters thoroughly will get your cooling system running appropriately once again. We have an extensive guide to cleaning AC filters here.

3. Frost – If The Coolant Is Leaking, This Might Trigger A Breakdown In Your Cooling Unit

Frost - If The Coolant Is Leaking, This Might Trigger A Breakdown In Your Cooling Unit

Luckily, it is simple to discover a leak since frost will accumulate on the motor, tubes, and other system parts. If you observe frost building up on your system, get in touch with a professional to get the problem figured out. Coolants can cause you harm if they’re mishandled, so constantly get a professional to handle the leakage.

4. Hissing – Another Indication That Your Freon Level Might Be Low Will Be A Hissing Noise From Your System

AC refrigerant will not go out for no factor, so there must be a leak somewhere. A big leak will result in a bubbling or hissing noise as the refrigerant leaves. The noise might be originating from any part of the refrigerant line, so attempt listening to different points along the line to find noises.

5. Soap Test – Soap Solution Represents The Cheapest And Earliest Way To Discover Any Leakage In Your Cooling System

Put an option of water and soap onto any area where you think there might be a leak. If any coolant is leaving, you must see bubbles. This is a practical approach if there is a constant leakage; however, if the leakage is small, this method will not work well.

6. Electronic Detectors – Sometimes Called A Sniffer, An Electronic Detector Will Release Noise Or Show A Visual Indicator If A Leak Is Found

There are numerous models of electronic detectors offered to purchase; nevertheless, the outcomes might not be very trusted, specifically if the weather is windy. If you have actually carried out all the upkeep jobs and cleaned your unit, and it still isn’t working efficiently, the chances are that the Freon needs recharging.

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Can I Recharge Freon?

If you discover that the Freon level in your a/c system is low after performing the checks, you should schedule it to be charged. Having low refrigerant levels won’t just make your house an unpleasant place to live; it could severely damage the a/c system. If the refrigerant recedes to the outside unit, the compressor could be irreparably harmed. Compressors are costly, so you may find that purchasing an entire brand-new AC system makes more sense. Make sure you keep the Freon level topped up, so this never takes place!

It might seem like a simple job to charge your air conditioning unit’s Freon, and you might think that it’s a good way of conserving cash. Nevertheless, recharging Freon is, in fact, very hazardous, so you should not do this yourself. Homeowners do not have the needed professional knowledge to carry out a Freon recharge. For that reason, employing a professional is crucial. A professional will have the ability to correctly charge your cooling system and perform upkeep checks to guarantee your system is functioning to its ideal level.

By checking the whole system, it’s possible to identify any problems and solve the issue rapidly. Hiring a professional will likewise help you avoid making a costly mistake while also extending your ac system’s lifespan.

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