How To Unlock Voltas AC Remote

How To Unlock Voltas AC Remote

You take the remote control of your air conditioning unit to provide the remote with some commands and realize that it does not respond. What to do? In the beginning, you could assume it’s not working, and if that’s actually the issue, you will need to replace the Voltas AC remote; however, if you take a good check out the remote control screen, you may locate a tiny lock flashing or repaired at that location.

The locked symbol implies that the remote is locked, making it difficult for the user to give any command to the Voltas air conditioner. Once the remote is locked, you won’t be able to switch the air conditioner on or off; choose the temperature settings or the ac mode in which the air conditioner is working. So, let us learn how to unlock the Voltas AC remote.

Why Does Voltas AC Remote Lock?

Maybe you or a person who was using the Voltas AC remote dialed an unwanted command that ended up locking the Voltas AC remote. There is also the opportunity that some mistake has happened in the ac controller, or there is some dirt gathered inside the remote that has obstructed its use.

How To Unlock Voltas AC Remote?

If accidentally or because of some unfortunate event, your Voltas Air Conditioning remote winds up getting locked and leaves you questioning just how to open your Voltas air conditioning remote. Follow these easy steps that will unlock your Voltas AC remote.

If your voltas a/c remote is locked, a lock indication shows up on your voltas remote’s screen. To reverse it, there’s one solitary action that unlocks the Voltas Ac remote. Press the temp + and temp – switch simultaneously and hold it up until your remote is unlocked. After you do this, you will see the lock sign disappear from the Voltas AC remote, and you should be able to use the remote normally. 

How To Unlock AC Remote (Other Brands)

After reading numerous AC control manuals, we saw some specific commands on the control buttons that unlock it, which depends upon the gadget’s design. To unlock the ac remote of any air conditioner brand, you can try any of the methods mentioned below. 

I. Temperature switches: Press the two temperature secrets (+ and also– or s and v) at the same time for 3 secs. When the keyboard is unlocked, the lock symbol vanishes from the display. If this method does not work, you can try the other 2 methods mentioned below. 

II. MODE Button: Try pressing the MODE button along with the previous buttons (+ and – or s and v), pressing the three buttons concurrently. The majority of the AC remotes from any brand should get unlocked after using this method; however, if it does not, you can try the method mentioned below. 

III. ON and OFF buttons: If the two methods mentioned above do not work, you can try the on/off button method that still works in some remotes. In this methods, you simply press the on and off button of the remote button together for a few seconds. 

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What To Do If The Methods Don’t Work?

Okay, none of the feasible solutions over has solved it. Remember that we had mentioned that the remote could be locked by the dirt gathered inside? To solve this issue, you will have to clean the insides of the remote and remove any dust particles that have accumulated inside. 

To do this, remove the screws and open the remote.

Use a fabric or a brush with alcohol to clean the underside of the buttons. 

After that, replace the batteries and wait for 2 to 3 mins before switching on the remote. Once completed, watch the remote work like it used to. 

If it doesn’t work, one last option is to attempt restarting the air conditioning unit. You can likewise call a technical specialist to aid you or like a universal remote control.

Other Voltas AC Remote Tricks

Other Voltas AC Remote Tricks

How To Lock The Voltas AC Remote? 

There is a possibility of your air conditioner not working properly or the mode of your AC changing continuously without you pressing any buttons, and you are confused as to how that is happening. This could happen when the remote is not being handled carefully, or the remote is stuck in tight space like the sofa cushion gaps, and whenever you sit, the ac remote changes the mode of the air conditioner. To get rid of this problem, you can lock the AC remote and prevent your remote from changing the modes of the air conditioner even if the buttons are pressed accidentally. 

You can lock your Voltas A/C remote. The adhering to steps will certainly lead you towards just how to lock your Voltas AC remote in one very easy action. Check the display of your Voltas AC remote if there is any lock indicator or not.

The following actions will certainly assist you on just how to secure your Voltas Air Conditioner remote.

Press the temp + and temp – switch simultaneously and hold it till your remote is locked. After doing so, you will certainly currently see the lock join the display of your Voltas Air Conditioning remote. 

That’s how easy it is to secure the Voltas Air Conditioning remote as well as now you can keep it safe and sound, and your settings will undoubtedly continue to be the same.

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How To Change Fahrenheit To Celsius In Voltas a/c Remote

The Voltas AC remote has been designed according to the convenience of the user. Therefore, there are two temperature settings that you can use to regulate the room temperature. You can set the temperature of the room in Celsius and Fahrenheit. We will now assist you in changing these temperature readings from Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa. 

The first thing to do is to inspect the symbol next to the number, which states the temperature level of the air conditioner. If the symbol ” ^F” is after the digit, it signifies the temperature in Fahrenheit. If the ” ^C” can be seen after the number, the temperature is in Celsius. To change the Voltas AC remote from Fahrenheit to Celsius, press the temperature – button along with the mode button until the “^F” changes to “^C”. You can use the same method to convert Celsius back to Fahrenheit. 


We hope the steps mentioned above help you unlock your Voltas AC remote; if your remote still does not work, you may have to buy a new universal AC remote or a new Voltas AC remote.

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