Marq AC Review, Is Flipkart’s AC Brand Any Good?

Marq AC Review

When brands are considerably new, buyers have a tendency to be skeptical concerning their efficiency. Marq air conditioning units have only recently been presented to the marketplace. Due to that, not many individuals understand much concerning them. This write-up provides an in-depth understanding of Marq versions, their requirements, and who needs to acquire them. If you’re wondering whether a Marq Air Conditioner will benefit your residence, you’re at the ideal area.

Marq History 

Marq is a residence device brand had by Flipkart, an eCommerce business. The Singaporean parent company was established in 2007 and is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. The founders, Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, are previous staff members of Amazon, among Flipkart’s greatest competitors. As a brand name, Marq was introduced in 2017 along with 2 others, Billion and also Smartbuy. Marq is Flipkart’s brand name for big devices like air conditioning systems, refrigerators, TVs, washing devices, and the like. In 2018, Flipkart was bought by the US retail chain, Walmart.

Marq AC Review

Marq AC Review


  • Easy to install
  • fast cooling
  • Affordable
  • Good performance


  • Can be a little noisy at times
  • Only available on Flipkart

A relatively new name on the market, Marq is swiftly coming to be preferred in consumer options for air conditioning units. These devices have plenty of state-of-the-art features as well as come with somewhat low prices.

Types Of Marq ACs Available

The range of products provided by Marq is relatively slim. The company has thoroughly evaluated the kinds of air conditioning units in demand in the present market to make their AC range.

There are two types of ACs produced by Marq: window Air Conditioning and split Air Conditioning types. There are 2 designs offered in-home window style. Both are 1.5 tons and have multiple air cleaning filters. The split designs have many variants in terms of size consisting of 0.8, 1, 1.2, and 1.5 tons. With less than 20 designs to pick from, Marq customers have a simple time determining which version to select.

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Marq AC Features Review

Marq AC Features Review

Marq air conditioning units have lots of variables that set them apart from the competitors. These are not one-of-a-kind in isolation; however, the complete package makes these ACs an eye-grabbing bargain.

1. High-Tech Features

When triggered, the Follow Me Technology switches over the thermostat from the system to the remote control. This makes the Air Conditioning discover the temperature level of the remote’s area, cooling it down to the wanted temperature. The Turbo Cross Flow Fan, a usual attribute in Marq ACs, is a high RPM ODU follower. Its stronger air throw leads to more efficient warmth expulsion. The Golden Evaporator attribute has an anti-corrosion golden coating on the evaporator fins of the indoor system. This improves cooling performance by limiting the buildup of condensation and dirt.

2. Cooling Capacity

The majority of the versions noted here have a cooling capacity of 5 kW or even more. This makes these systems very efficient in cooling down areas promptly. A few ACs can even operate in ambient temperatures as high as 50-60 ° C. When it comes to actual energy, Marq ACs are on top of their game.

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3. Green Design

Almost fifty percent of the leading designs of Marq a/c have a BEE ranking of 5 stars. The remaining have a decent ranking of 3 stars. It’s risk-free to claim that the brand focuses on energy conserving. This can likewise be seen in the visibility of twin rotating compressors in 8 of the top designs noted. 6 of the 14 designs pointed out right here use R32 as a refrigerant. That’s a fairly high percentage of offered products that use this planet-friendly gas.

4. Budget-friendly Luxury

These a/c have a remarkable distinction in their price array as compared to premium Air Conditioner brands. The original rates go as reduced as INR 26,000 and also as high as INR 59,000. Flipkart provides quite huge discount rates that make them very budget-friendly. It’s a big deal taking into consideration the types of features provided by these ACs. Most of them stand for innovative technology.

Who Should Buy ACs from Marq

These ACs are a terrific option for all homes and offices. They include high air conditioning capabilities and offer energy-saving devices. Comply with Me Technology, Turbo Cross Flow Fan, and Golden Evaporator Fins are cutting-edge and desirable styles to have. They make these models a good deal considering that the costs are especially reduced. Anyone searching for contemporary technology and pro-environment functions in their ac system would certainly be delighted with a Marq A/C.

Marq ACs

Name:MarQ By Flipkart 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC
Model No:FKAC153SFAA
Iseer Value:4 W/W
Item Dimensions:1000 mm x 230 mm x 295 mm
Item Weight:14 kg – Indoor, 40 Kg – Outdoor
Special Features:Dust filter, rust proof casing, hidden display, Auto Restart

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Name:Flipkart 1 Ton 3 Star Split Inverter AC
Iseer Value:4 W/W
Item Dimensions:805 mm x 285 mm x 194 mm
Item Weight:8.2 kg – Indoor, 21.5 kg – Outdoor
Special Features:Hidden Display, Copper Condenser, Eco Friendly Refrigerant, Golden Evaporator

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Name:MarQ By Flipkart 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split Inverter AC
Iseer Value:5 W/W
Item Dimensions:965 mm x 319 mm x 215 mm
Item Weight:11.2 kg – Indoor, 30.1 Kg – Outdoor
Special Features:Follow Me Technology, Mirror Finish Panel

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Marq ac system comes packed with modern functions like sleek layout, mirror surface panel, hidden screen, stabilizer-free operation, etc. They likewise use mechanisms making use of sophisticated technology like Follow Me, High-Efficiency Rotary Compressor, as well as Golden Evaporator Fins. Developed for quick and also powerful air conditioning, these ACs have both high cooling capacities and also great BEE rankings. All these factors integrated with discounted rates make Marq ACs a wise investment.

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