Mitsubishi AC Review, Better Than Panasonic?

Mitsubishi AC Review

Whenever you hear Mitsubishi, you may remember a visual of Mitsubishi car. Well, auto is simply one of the many organizations run by the Mitsubishi group, which takes place to be the largest trading business of Japan. They have several company operations varying from financing to banking, from machinery to energy, from food to chemicals, employing more than 60,000 people worldwide. This may shock numerous, but Mitsubishi has been operating in India for more than 50 years. A lot more unexpected is that Mitsubishi uses air conditioning units under 2 different businesses – Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy. Mitsubishi Electric has been spun off from the Mitsubishi Heavy nearly 100 years back, and ever since, both the business make their unique products matching each other!

Mitsubishi Electric uses an extensive range of air conditioners, from residential wall-mounted ones to business duct ACs. Let us search in detail for the newest innovations that new Mitsubishi Electric ACs come with, and after that discuss the benefits and drawbacks of Mitsubishi air-conditioners.

Mitsubishi AC Feature Review

Mitsubishi AC Feature Review


  • Eco-Friendly refrigerant
  • Ac can work even when outside temperatures are scorching
  • Durable air conditioners
  • Award winning aerodynamic designs to cool rooms faster.


  • After sales service is doubtful.
  • Has less presence in India

1. Wide and Long 7-way Air Flow

Eco-friendly MS-GK series of A/cs from Mitsubishi Electric permits users to change the horizontal airflow in 7 directions and vertical airflow in 6 directions, which translates into 42 different ways of cooling! So now, with that sort of accurate control, you can bring comfort to any corner of the space. The motor used inside the new models is of excellent quality, which presses air out further inside the room up to 12 meters with ease for comfy cooling.

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2. Robust and Effective Hardware

Robust and Effective Hardware

Being a Japanese brand quality is of supreme value for Mitsubishi manufacturers. Newer designs come with tropical inverter innovation.

You make ask what inverter technology in the very first place is. Well, to be truly basic, inverter innovation is analogous to the vehicle accelerator. When the compressor requires more power, it offers it more power. When it needs less power, it provides less power. With this innovation, the compressor is always on but draws less power or more power depending upon the temperature of the inbound air and the level embedded in the thermostat. The speed and power of the compressor are appropriately adjusted.

Mitsubishi Electric ACs feature a tropical inverter with a highly specialized inverter power module, which is like a brain of the a/c able to change the frequency as per the ambient atmospheric conditions comfy cooling and efficiently handling power usage. Air conditioners, including tropical inverter, can work in temperatures as high as 52oC.

Designs from MSY-GR( T) series include a prop fan that transforms rotational motion into thrust. Prop fans from the previously mentioned series deliver more air volume with minimum noise.

For its brand-new offering, Mitsubishi Electric has established a specialized motor, called the Poki-Poki motor, which is manufactured using a lap joint technique. This Poki motor generates high-magnetic force, causing high-efficiency operation and dependability. Similarly, powerful neodymium magnets are used in the DC rotor compressor, which imparts strong magnetic and reluctance torques for effective air conditioning.

New Mitsubishi Electric designs feature pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) innovation that manages the existing signal to resemble (or sync) with the voltage signal. Technically by doing so, the loss of energy is reduced. Mitsubishi thinks in this manner, 98% of the input power supply is effectively utilized for cooling the room.

Mitsubishi Electric has established twin direct growth valves (LEVs) circuit with a power receiver that assists in ideal compressor performance. Linear growth valves serve as an electromagnetic field, and either spins clockwise or counter-clockwise to open or close the refrigerant circulation. Twin LEV arrangement helps in optimum refrigerant flow for consistent cooling.

3. Auto Restart Function

Power cuts aren’t uncommon in India, specifically in small town and towns. With power reoccurring not just threatens durability of electrical appliances but likewise resets their running settings, i.e., supposed you were running your Air Conditioner on fan-only mode (compressor shut off) however after a power cut, Air Conditioning’s settings are held up to default and compressor might begin working once again, and even temperature setting would be modified. However, the good news is Mitsubishi Electric ACs come with the Automobile Restart function that keeps a log of running settings before the power cut, and after the power cut, it will restore the previous settings back. So now you can sleep all night quietly without fretting about Air Conditioning settings getting changed after a power cut.

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4. Helpful LCD Remote

We liked Mitsubishi Electric ACs from the MS-GK series because they feature a wisely designed LCD push-button control. Large, easy-to-find buttons rest on the remote for each access to regularly utilized functions like increasing or reducing of temperature level and on/off button. Then there is a range of control for numerous settings covert inside the moving cover, which can be utilized by moving down the cover. The neat and clear LCD show lets you examine the temperature and other operating conditions on the remote itself conveniently. And in case of some issues inside the A/C remote will show error codes which would assist the specialist in identifying the problem for faster resolution quickly.

5. Aerodynamic Technology with Crossflow Fan for Silent Cooling

Modern Mitsubishi ACs include a unique crossflow fan building that enables air to flow smoothly through each turning blade with bare minimum sound generation. With just 18 dB sound generation for indoor units, Mitsubishi Electric is among the quietest air conditioning unit brands around.

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6. Nano platinum And Microparticle Filter

Nano platinum And Microparticle Filter

Non-inverter designs from Mitsubishi Electric feature Nano Platinum filter, which comes with nanometer-sized platinum with a large catching location to catch and eliminate even the smallest of bacteria and filter out the smallest dust particles. It also ventilates circulating air to guarantee good flowing air quality. Furthermore, they are likewise geared up with the Electrostatic filter charged with static electrical energy to record allergens such as molds. After trapping, this filter decomposes them utilizing enzymes maintained in the filter.

On the other hand, inverter models included a Micro-Particle Capturing filter that can effectively remove PM 2.5 particles and catch smaller dust particles.

7. Well-rounded Protection

Being a Japanese brand Mitsubishi Electric establish items that are robust and reliable. The special finishing is used on heat exchangers to avoid them from getting corroded. The printed circuit board (PCB) is likewise coated to guarantee security from the humid environment and nibbling insects or rodents. In truth, PCB can endure voltage as high as 450 volts. Inverter designs can have an internal stabilizer that can work within 198-264 volts within the voltage range.

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Mitsubishi Air Conditioners And Specifications

Name:Mitsubishi Heavy Duty SRK18CS Split 1 Star 1.5 Ton Air Conditioner
Model No:SRK18CS
Noise Level:
Item Dimensions:85 x 29 x 64 Centimeters
Item Weight:55 kg
Special Features:Anti dust filter, Sleep mode, Turbo mode, Auto restart.

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Name:Mitsubishi Heavy Duty 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC
Model No:SRK50ZS-S6
Noise Level:
Item Dimensions:78 x 29 x 59.5 Centimeters
Item Weight:110.231 pounds
Special Features:Long Reach Jet Air Flow technology, 3D Air Flow technology

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Name:Mitsubishi 1.5 Ton 2 Star AC
Model No:DXK50CL-6
Noise Level:45 dB
Item Dimensions:
Item Weight:
Special Features:Regular Air Conditioner

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When picking a home a/c, it is essential to think about efficiency, performance, and convenience. Luckily, this Mitsubishi air conditioning unit excels at all three, making it the ideal all-rounder appliance for a big residential home. There is essentially no place this unit can fail, so that we would advise this unit with our seal of approval. Nevertheless, it bears repeating that this system requires expert installation if the user wishes to avail of the generous service warranty plan that comes with the product.

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