Sanyo AC Review, How Good Is It?

Sanyo AC Review

Do you wish to purchase an inverter AC with highly advanced features? Various businesses use a myriad of items with different types of functions and benefits. Given that there are many options readily available, picking an item that fits your special requirements ends up being a difficult task.

You might have become aware of Sanyo Inverter AC designs introduced by Panasonic. Panasonic A/C brand is considered as one of the popular AC brand for their cost effective rates, sturdiness, as well as incredible specs.The business uses various kinds of models to accommodate the requirements of a large number of people. Are Sanyo Split AC designs deserving purchasing? This Sanyo AC review checks out the benefits and drawbacks of these models without adopting any biased method.

Is Sanyo Air Conditioners Good?

Is Sanyo Air Conditioners Good?

Yes, the distinct and best innovation makes the Sanyo air conditioner better for the users. An easy to use system is always convenient for everyone; it makes the Sanyo air conditioner a competitor for many other air conditioner brands that you can find in the market. 

When choosing an air conditioner, a smooth & sophisticated appearance is the hot subject of conversation among the buyers. The Sanyo air conditioner will provide your room with an elegant & more welcoming appearance. Sanyo provides their air conditioner with a surprise function that will hide the temperature suggest display, with a very innovative method. It likewise provides you access to manage by a radiant backlit remote.

Another aspect that consumers concern themselves with nowadays is “how eco-friendly is the air conditioner?” Sanyo addresses this important issue by utilizing the best (until now) and most eco-friendly coolant, the R32 gas, in their air conditioner. 

This R32 gas is more useful and healthy for the environment when compared to other coolants. The R32 (check difference between R32 and R410a Gas)gas likewise has low emissions to prevent aiding global warming and helping save the ozone layer. Sanyo air conditioners are one of the most energy efficient products with SEER-13 technology. The SEER-13 technology saves 30% of energy consumptions by ensuring that all of the air conditioners functions are efficient and beneficial to the user. 


  • Highly energy-efficient technology with 5-star Score
  • Reasonable cost than other divides ACs.
  • 5 Years of compressor warranty & 1 year for the condenser.
  • Whispers at a sound level of 43 dB.
  • Uses environment-friendly & safe R32 refrigerant gas.
  • Duo cool inverter technology.
  • Anti-dust filter.
  • Car re-start and has a timer option.


  • The screen button is not clear on the remote.
  • No protective grill for the outdoors unit.
  • The power cord is not provided for connection to the source.

A Little About Sanyo…

The meaning of Sanyo is “three oceans.” Panasonic’s online brand Sanyo started its journey After World War 2; this is among the very best Japanese electronics maker companies, a Fortune Global 500. Fortune Global 500 is a publication name. This publication releases the list of high earned profits business notes annually. The Sanyo was born from a giant Japanese electric company whose name was Matsushita. After World War 2, Sanyo separated from the Matsushita. And they began their journey. After the world war, people began to restore their property, and Sanyo began production with appliances that people required. This was extremely valuable in attaining popularity and joss.

Sanyo AC Feature Review

Sanyo AC Feature Review

1. Sanyo AC – Style

The streamlined and stylish design of Sanyo AC designs is a hot topic of discussion among many individuals. If you install them on the wall, you can make your area more welcoming and elegant. One of these products’ striking elements is that the temperature screen is hidden in a classy way. You can not discover this function in other designs. The remote of Sanyo ACs is backlit, and it includes an ergonomic square style. The remote radiance in the dark wonderfully. You can find the power on/off, and temperature level control buttons on these models’ remote offer exceptional ease of use.

2. Sanyo AC – Glacier Mode

All Sanyo split AC models are geared up with a glacier mode to assist the user experience much better cooling. This jet-speed cooling can be enjoyed by the touch of a button when you switch to Glacier mode; the fan speed increases considerably. In fact, you can anticipate a fan speed boost of 35% while keeping the AC on Glacier mode compared to medium mode. What does it indicate? It implies that instant cooling can be achieved in a quick method.

3. Duo Cool Inverter Innovation

The Sanyo AC designs feature a unique Duo Cool Inverter Innovation to enhance users’ comfort level. You can delight in supreme convenience without stressing over the energy expenses. This is an essential feature that attracts a lot of individuals towards the Sanyo split AC designs. You can find two different rotors in the AC compressor that promote more efficient, energy-efficient and rapid cooling. The power is changed by the variable speed compressor based upon the heat load. The Sanyo AC designs do not make any worrying sound. You can remain calm and unwinded while running these devices.

4. Sanyo Ac – Anti-dust Air Filters

The quality of filters plays a crucial role in figuring out the total efficiency of an AC. The Sanyo AC designs come with an integrated PM 2.5. Likewise, you can find efficient anti-dust filters that help remove pollen, dust, fungi, germs, and all other suspended particles. This gadget guarantees efficient purification, and it produces just clean and pure air to safeguard the health of the residents. The auto function allows the fan to work even after the system is switched off. This function stops the development of bad odor or mold inside the unit. The reality of the matter is that you can take pleasure in good health when you use Sanyo split AC models.

5. Self Diagnosis Feature

Self Diagnosis Feature

One of the most typical complaints about air conditioning systems is that users can not discover a concern until the issue gets worse. This situation leads to a pricey repair. If you purchase Sanyo split AC, you don’t have to stress over this problem. This device does not allow you to remain baffled since it shows error codes on the IDU temperature level display area when there are small issues to be handled. This self-diagnosis feature makes repairing very easy. Considering that they diagnose even small concerns, you don’t need to worry about the costly repair.

6. Sanyo AC – Control features

The Sanyo Split AC designs are incorporated with advanced control functions such as auto reboot, sleep function, and time function. The On-timer and Off-Timer make the operation incredibly easy. You do not need to worry about getting up in the middle of the night to switch off the device. Sanyo AC designs feature a 24-hour clock with an ON/ OFF program timer. You require to set the inverter AC at your favored time to turn on/off instantly utilizing an easy touch of a button. The sleep function adjusts the temperature immediately to make sure sound sleep. The auto-restart function eliminates the need to reset the temperature level after a power failure. The original settings are immediately brought back when the power comes back. You can likewise come across an Eco Function mode on the remote of the AC. This feature lowers the power intake and ensures energy-efficient operation to keep the power bills under check.

7. Sanyo Split AC – Copper Condenser

The comfort level that a cooling system provides mostly depends upon the quality of the condenser. Sanyo AC models are equipped with 100% pure copper coils, and they offer exceptional practical advantages. Two independent rotors are available in the condenser of these designs that guarantee fast heat transfer and rust resistance, which provides life-long convenience for the users.

8. Advanced inverter innovation

People utilize a gadget like an AC or refrigerator in various ways depending upon their special circumstances. There is a considerable distinction in the use pattern of different individuals. The sophisticated inverter technology of Sanyo ACs allows them to alter rotor speeds according to different circumstances. As a user, you can conserve considerable energy. The fast-rising energy costs do not end up being a severe concern for you. The energy expenses can be lowered in a significant way with the help of Sanyo split AC designs.

9. Sanyo Split AC – Hydrophilic Fins

Smart purchasers constantly check how an AC provides protection against deterioration or corrosion. Sanyo Split ACs feature hydrophilic fins, which ensure excellent defense versus rust. This feature secures the AC versus salt and rust damage with admirable efficiency. The hydrophilic fins are far more efficient than the common coil and offer high longevity for the condenser.

10. Sanyo AC – R32 Refrigerant

Sanyo Split AC designs can be described as environmentally friendly products with a clear focus on user convenience. These products look after your comfort needs in the most reliable way. They also take care of the world in an accountable method. The eco-friendly R32 Refrigerant readily available on the Sanyo cooling items uses the much-needed defense for the condenser against accidental or unintentional fire. This feature also makes sure that no damage is done to the ozone layer.

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Sanyo Air Conditioners Models And Specifications

Name:Sanyo 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter AC
Model No: SI/SO-10T5SCIC
Noise Level:40 dB
Item Dimensions:80 x 23 x 29.5 cms
Item Weight:9.5 Kgs
Special Features:Dust Filter, Dehumidifier, Air Purifier

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Name: Sanyo 1.5 Ton 5 Star Dual Inverter AC
Model No:SI/SO-15T5SCIC 
Noise Level:43dB
Item Dimensions:100 x 23 29.5 cms
Item Weight:11.8 Kgs
Special Features:PM 2.5 Filter. Dust Filter, Dehumidifier

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Name: Sanyo 2 Ton 3 Star Dual Inverter AC
Model No:SI/SO-20T3SCIC
Noise Level:43 dB
Item Dimensions:11.8 Kgs
Item Weight:11.8 Kgs
Special Features:PM 2.5 Filter, Dust Filter, Dehumidifier

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FAQs About Sanyo

Is it worth purchasing a Sanyo AC, and is Sanyo a good brand?

The answer is yes! Sanyo AC certainly is an excellent model with lesser cooling & effective power bills in comparison to the other 1 and 1.5 ton AC models.

Is Sanyo AC a power-saving model?

According to Sanyo, this model is extremely energy-efficient and consumes just about 4-5 units for an entire day when you run it continually!

What are the Dimensions?

If we discuss Sanyo Ac’s dimensions, we can’t state that it’s compact. However, it’s a normal-sized AC model. It determines 100.0 (Length) x 23.0 (Breadth) x 29.5 (Height).

How Does An Inverter AC work?

Inverter air conditioners adjust the speed of the compressor to control the flow rate of the refrigerant. This enables the air conditioner to consume less current and power. An inverter air conditioner has precise temperature control, and when the air conditioner unit attains the requested temperature, the unit adjusts its capacity to remove any temperature fluctuations that may have occurred previously. 

Verdict On Sanyo Air Conditioners

In true words, Sanyo air conditioners provide very few reasons to disregard their air conditioners. As this AC brand assures to conserve this much energy, there are high chances that this AC will be the hot choice in the market.

We Indians look upon the price initially before getting any device, and right from there, Sanyo begins attracting you. Discussing 2-3 years back, A/cs around 30,000 rupees were ridiculous, made much sound while operating, and drew high energy.

Besides that, toughness likewise used to be questionable. Now, look at the Sanyo 1 ton model! Whether it’s the quality of the build, energy performance, or rapid chilling features, you feel surprised in all departments.

After evaluating 11 A/cs around this expense, our specialists have picked this Sanyo ac system as the top choice and scored it 9.8/ 10. In case your Sanyo AC’s remote breakdown then it’ll be a better idea to buy the Sanyo AC remote online instead of discovering it on your own at numerous shops.

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