The Best 1 Ton Split AC In India

The Best 1 Ton Split AC In India

With summer seasons quickly approaching, all the spaces in our house are going to turn into a furnace. An air conditioner has become a requirement in the plains, while numerous homeowners in the hills also install them in their homes. An air conditioning unit comes in multiple cooling capacities such as 1 ton, 1.5 ton, and 2 tons. While 1.5-ton air conditioning units are the most popular selling models, they might be overkill for your room. If you have a room that’s anywhere between 100-150 square feet, a 1-ton cooling unit ought to suffice to keep the summertime heat at bay. Besides, a 1 ton AC should also save some money, which is constantly a fantastic thing. 

If you’re convinced that a 1-ton air conditioner is enough for your requirements, here’s a list of some of the very best 1-ton split a/c in India you can purchase online today. 

  • Hitachi Air Conditioning
  • Daikin AC
  • Mitsubishi (Heavy and Electric) A/C
  • O General Air Conditioning
  • Blue Star Air Conditioning

These are considered premium brand names for Air Conditioners in India. Out of these, Hitachi, Daikin, Mitsubishi (Heavy and Electric), and O General are Japanese brand names, while Blue Star is an Indian brand name. These brand names are known for their refrigeration technology and thus offer quite durable products. Hitachi, Daikin, and Blue Star likewise use great energy-efficient designs and usually rank high in our leading rankings (based on BEE information). Other good brand names include LG AC, Samsung Air Conditioning, Voltas A/C, Godrej AC, Whirlpool Air Conditioner, Carrier Air Conditioner, Toshiba, Panasonic, etc. 

The Best 1 Ton Split Air Conditioner

Below are some of the best 1 Ton Split acs you can buy online. We have also listed a few common FAQs below. If you have any other doubts, you can let us know by using the comment section below.

1. Sanyo 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

Sanyo is a subsidiary of Panasonic, which concentrates on launching excellent quality products for Budget-conscious consumers. If you have a tight budget plan and want an inverter split AC, then the Sanyo 3 star model is the very best alternative. In fact, this is the least expensive and leading ranked inverter Air Conditioning offered in India since 2020 in 1 Ton classification. However, it does not include any fancy features but still loads all the fundamentals.

Sanyo 3 star split AC is equipped with a Full Inverter technology compressor which varies speed depending on the circumstance. This Air Conditioner includes a 100% copper condenser comparable to expensive models to enhance the total life, faster heat dissipation, and lower corrosion. Sanyo Inverter ACs feature the R32 refrigerant that secures the condenser from unintentional fire while ensuring no damage is done to the environment.

Sanyo 3 Star Inverter Split Air Conditioning has an optimum cooling capability of 3400 Watts.

To quickly cool the space, you can use Glacier mode, which cools rooms 33% faster compared to regular mode. It features a Sleep function mode that auto-adjusts the temperature in the evening for a comfortable sleep. With the Automobile Reboot functionality, the A/C will keep all the settings in case of a power cut. Once the power is back, you do not need to set everything from the start. It is rather loud compared to the previous model. We taped a noise level of 40 dB in lower levels and 55 dB during complete load from our research.

This split Air Conditioning has Hydrophilic Fins to ensure defense against rust and salt damage in the condenser. Likewise, it includes integrated PM 2.5 and anti-dust filters that assist in eliminating dust, pollen, and suspended particles from the air. In case of an error, the mistake codes are shown on the LED, which is valuable for discovering what happened within. Sanyo Inverter AC supplies stabilizer-free operation and has internal voltage controlling circuits that support anything in the range of 100 to 300 V. All of these features make it rank first in our list of the best 1 ton split ac.


  • Faster cooling with Glacier mode.
  • High cooling capability.
  • Inverter compressor.
  • 100% Copper condenser.
  • Remote with backlit display.
  • Budget-friendly price.
  • 1 +5 years guarantee.


  • Little noisy.
  • 3 Star variation is not energy efficient.
  • Develop quality could’ve been much better.

2. Daikin 0.8 Ton 3 Star Split Air Conditioning

If LG is an all-rounder, Daikin is a specialist. This business manufactures some of the best ACs on the planet. This particular design is among the very best Air conditioners in India under Rs 45,000. This AC ranks among the best. Neo-swing compressor technology has numerous benefits. It decreases friction and vibration and prevents the leak of gas during the compression activity. Hence, you have an efficient and soundless entertainer.

The Econo Mode, also known as the Power-Saving Mode, restricts the optimal power consumption, mainly when there are numerous electrical devices in the very same space. For that reason, you end up with a reduced electrical power bill. The Power Chill Operation ensures cooling the space in the quickest possible time. Thus, it is a perfect home appliance to have if you require instant relief from the scorching heat of the summer season.

Families enjoy Daikin ACs since they release the most affordable noise amongst all Air conditioners. In the Quiet Operation Mode, the noise levels boil down to a whisper to enable your baby to have a peaceful sleep in the evening. The Coanda Airflow function supplies glowing cooling by flowing the air to all the nooks and corners in the room, thereby creating a great atmosphere.

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  • Excellent performance while making the most affordable sound.
  • Premium blood circulation to offer exceptional convenience.
  • Conserves power.


  • Setup concerns, specifically by the service engineers.
  • Service workers are not adequately geared up.

3. LG 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

It won’t be a surprise to state that this LG product is great. There is a lot more that makes it one of the very best 1 ton AC in India. To start with, it works quietly thanks to LG’s benchmark dual inverter technology that uses a highly energy-efficient compressor that is run by a dual rotary motor.

The dual inverter is helped in its cooling function by Himalaya cooling innovation. It is an excellent energy saver. It is likewise highly environment-friendly because R32 is used as a refrigerant in it. It reveals no less regard for your health. The Anti-bacterial filter exists precisely for that. However, let’s return to LG’s cooling option, which is not limited to the dual inverter and Himalaya cooling innovation. There is still the 4 in 1 convertible cooling to consider. This is a genuinely excellent function that offers you 4 different modes to control the cooling capability following the variety of individuals present in the space and the outside temperature level.

If the space to be cooled is loaded with people and busy with activity, press the dedicated 4-in-1 button once, and you will have 100% energy usage. If the number of individuals and quantity of activity in the room is lower, press the same button twice, and you will have an 80% energy intake. In the same fashion, you can push the button up to four times to decrease using energy as much as 40%. It saves as much as 57% energy, isn’t that terrific? You can use this Air Conditioner throughout the monsoon as well, for it features a dehumidifier that keeps the internal environment crisp and cold.

It is user-friendly when it pertains to the operation and no less so when it concerns maintenance. It holds true with regard to its Automobile clean and EZ clean filter features. Auto clean keeps your inner system moisture-free without your intervention, whereas the EZ clean filter needs you to clean the dust from the filter.

The big plus of the EZ clean filter is that it is put on top of the inner system, which you can quickly open and clean. The Ocean Black technology secures the outer system against corrosion that might take place due to hostile environments. For that reason, it lasts longer. To be quick, LG 1 Ton 4 Star Inverter Split A/C is the best 1 ton split Air Conditioner in India.


  • Good delivery and installation
  • Silent and energy efficient
  • Self diagnosis is a really handy feature


  • Filter and Aperture of filter is small

4. Godrej 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

Godrej understands India and the everyday consumer beliefs inside out. The Godrej 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split A/C is one of them. It is undoubtedly the best 1 ton split Air Conditioner in India. It boasts a ‘green’ inverter for efficient cooling. The term ‘green’ may amaze you; however, it holds true. It suggests using R32 refrigerant, which is most environmentally friendly. It does not add to ozone depletion. It cools quickly and costs less due to low energy consumption. The 5-star score speaks volumes for it.

It features a threesome purification system, specifically, Antibacterial, Active Carbon, and an Anti-dust. It works in tandem with a Healthy blowout feature to ensure that you breathe pure and healthy air. If anything goes wrong with it functionally, it is shown on the panel in the form of a mistake code. It makes fixing it easy.

The Bluen Copper Evaporator and Golden Fin AntiCorrosion Condenser exist to make it t for durable efficiency and withstanding rust and rust. If you bring it home, you bring home comfort.


  • Silent operation
  • Tri-filter to provide clean air
  • Extremely energy efficient


  • Customers reported poor installation service

5. Voltas 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split A/C

Voltas 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC truly drives value through clever engineering. If you spend your hard-earned money on it, it is for Self-diagnosis that helps the AC correct itself if it malfunctions.

You are also spending that money on an inverter that cools without exacting expense from you; You also get a sophisticated air purifying and multi-stage filtration that removes bad smell, dust, etc., from the air that you breathe.

This Voltas AC also includes a dehumidifier that lends it utility for you even during hot and damp monsoon; for copper condenser coil that is more long-lasting; for modes shared in primary by a number of its rivals; and stabilizer free operation.

This air conditioner can work efficiently even if the mercury skyrockets up to 52 ˚. It is a perfect match for the tropical summer seasons and monsoon. If you are interested in Voltas ac, read our review on their best acs.


  • Quick Cooling
  • Silent Operation


  • Only 3 Star Energy rating


With that, we’ve come to the end of our list of the best 1 ton split AC in India. It is constantly suggested to read an appropriate buyer’s guide before acquiring any high ticket product because different products are made for various types of audiences.

It’s much better to spend an additional 5 minutes of research study than sensation guilty for acquiring an incorrect item. Therefore, if you have any doubts feel free to ask us any question and we will get back to you.

Which Is The Best 1 Ton Inverter Air Conditioning In India?

As of 2020, If money is not a concern, LG 1 ton 5 Star Inverter Split Air Conditioner is the very best model out there. For spending plan mindful customers, Sanyo 1 ton 3 Star Inverter A/C or Voltas 1 ton 4 Star Inverter Air Conditioning is a good option.

What Is The Cost Of A 1 Ton Split AC?

In India, you can get a 1 ton Split AC for as low as 25000 INR. If you desire supreme development quality with innovative features, you may need to invest near 35000 INR.

Is 1 Ton A/C Enough?

It depends upon the room you are preparing to repair the Air Conditioner. If your room location remains in the variety of 90 to 150 sq ft, then 1 Ton is more than enough.

How Much Cooling Capability Does 1 Ton A/C Offer?

Most of the 1 ton ACs in India offer cooling capacities in the variety of 3400 to 3600 Watts. It is sufficient to cool the rooms very quickly.

The number Of Systems Does A 1 ton Of Air Conditioning Consume In An Hour?

The energy intake of 1-ton ACs depends upon the energy rankings offered by BEE. A 2020 BEE 5 star ranked inverter A/C will take about 580 systems at standard conditions and tests.

A BEE 3 star ranked model will take in somewhere in the variety of 650 to 700 units which is 33% more than 5-stars ranked models.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment below. We’ll answer it as quickly as possible.

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