Voltas AC Review – Top Brand in India 2021

Voltas AC Review

Voltas is a company with excellent expertise in the production of Ac system in India. With their head office in Mumbai as well as a number of various other local offices in corresponding states, they likewise supply engineering products in addition to fabric machinery. Voltas A/C brand is considered as one of the popular AC brand for their cost effective rates, sturdiness, as well as incredible specs. You can additionally find the most suitable ac system for your household in addition to commercial room.

Voltas gives the total spectrum of ACs to offer the requirements of both domestic and also business individuals, that also at a practical price factor. For the residential individuals, it offers home windows A/C and split A/C. While for the business users it supplies cassette as well as slimline Air conditionings. Our post here would be focused on the domestic A/Cs and its contemporary technologies.

5 Best Voltas AC Review

1. Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

This version from them has the most recent technology as well as features that fit to Indian climate and house demands. It includes the variable speed compressor which readjusts power depending upon warmth load. It is most power effective and has lowest-noise procedure

Voltas 1.5 load Air Conditioning fit to any kind of tool space dimension in between 111 -150 sqft. It is a good choice if you have a power cut or load shedding issues in your area because you can operate this with your inverter also. The condenser is made from 100% copper wires which help in much faster cooling and likewise adds a sense of resilience to the unit.

Moreover, this version has progressed degree filter like the catechin filters to fight against PM2.5, allergen, mildews, microorganisms’s, and other unsafe bacteria. To add to its effectiveness, it has couple of terrific operating features like auto-restart, self-diagnosis, sleep setting, energetic dehumidifier, and also instantaneous cooling mode.

2. Voltas 1.5 Ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC

Voltas 1.5 ton is a 4 star inverter split AC which fits to any size room of area between 120-200sqft. In our examination, we located that this can fight against a temperature of as high as 55 degrees. Even when antagonizing heat its power consumption rate does not enhance which is exceptional as it would certainly minimize your power expense. The compressor of this version is made on a modern technology which produces constant air conditioning as well as consistent savings.

Various other feature that we suched as is the array of filters particularly the silver ion filters which sterilizes the room air as well as functions to offer fresh hygienic awesome air constantly.

Last but not least, a few various other great requirements of this model are energetic dehumidifier, great sleep mode, self-diagnosis, as well as auto-restart.

3. Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC

If you are searching for top-notch Voltas home window A/C than it can be a great option.

Voltas 1.5 ton AC is suitable for any medium to large size room of size 100-200sq ft. You can conveniently fit it right into any window, it will not appear excessive as it has a portable layout. The Air Conditioning boasts of a rotary compressor with self-diagnosis procedure. Better, to safeguard your health and wellness it has fresh air ventilation as well as anti-dust filters that make certain that there is always fresh great air inside your space.

Along with this, other specification of this A/C are active humidifier to combat humidity particularly in the monsoon period, e-saver setting, sleep mode, timer, and high ambient cooling.

4. Voltas 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC

If you are looking for an Air Conditioner for your tiny room than this can be an excellent alternative.

This 1 lot AC from Voltas fits to any type of area size in between 0-110 sq ft. The most amazing feature of this A/C are internal grooved copper condenser wires which are developed in a way for far better heat exchange rate as well as faster cooling rate. The compressor together with other top-notch parts aid to beta the temperature of as high as 50 levels. It additionally has highly reliable filter like Anti Dust, Catechin Filter, Acaro Microorganism, etc to eliminate also the tiniest toxin from the air.

The other excellent functions of this AC are active humidifier, sleep setting, 4 stage filters, timer, and also active humidifier.

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5. Voltas 1 Ton 5 Star Window AC

If you are trying to find a small window Air Conditioner that fits flawlessly in your tiny area this is a good choice.

Voltas 1 ton Air Conditioning fits to any type of area size of location between 0-110 sqft well. It has an excellent pure copper condenser to defeat the highest possible temperature in the month of June and also July. It has an immediate turbo cooling down setting to warm your room in minutes. Additionally, there are Negative Ion Filter & Anti Dirt Filter to remove dust particle from the air and also hence providing you fresh great air constantly.

Finally, a few other requirements include energetic dehumidifier, e-saver, timer, instantaneous air conditioning, sleep mode, and so on

Voltas AC Review – Buying Guide

Factors to consider before buying Voltas AC

Factors to consider before buying Voltas AC

1. Capacity of Air Conditioner

Well one of the biggest point that should be kept in mind before purchasing ac system is the capability of the Air Conditioning. As we know that the ability of an air conditioning system is measured in Tons. So higher will be the Ton better and more will be the cooling lower will be capacity of the AC lower will be its coverage and cooling capacity. Additionally you also require to inspect the direction of the room. If your area is of West or South dealing with then obviously you need to purchase an air conditioning system of greater ability.

Along with this, while picking the capability of the Air Conditioning it is really important to measure the size of the area for which you want to purchase Air Conditioner. With the size of the room we plainly imply the dimensions of the space like elevation and also width of the space. Additionally one more point that you need to take into consideration is the number of windows and doors you have in that particular room.

2. Efficiency of the Air Conditioner

Well one more vital elements to think about before purchasing Air Conditioning is the power consumption or efficiency of the Air Conditioning. As we know that the cost of electrical energy is raising every now and then. So in such a situation one of the most effective point that you need to consider acquire an air conditioning unit which offers ideal cooling yet at lower power consumption. To ensure that your month-to-month electrical energy bill additionally does not obtain a massive hike also after day-to-day use of A/C.

One of the best way to check the efficiency of the air conditioning system is the BEE Ratings. BEE stands for Bureau of Energy Efficiency is basically a brand-new star ratings specially designed for air conditioning system. So if you discover an a/c unit with higher BEE rating after that its evident that it will consume extremely very much less electricity. Similarly an air conditioning unit with lower BEE score will certainly will consume really very high electrical energy.

3. Quality of Air

The a/c that you are mosting likely to buy need to have an excellent dehumdification unit. The job of the dehumdification device is to reduce the moisture of a space to make sure that it uses greater cooling along with convenience. Another vital variables to think about before buying A/C is the quality of the filters. If your ac unit will have top quality filter after that certainly your a/c unit will supply you with better air conditioning. Along with this, good quality filters will even boost the performance of your air conditioning system.

4. Split vs Window AC

Prior to buying an ac system it is extremely important to choose the fact– Are you are aiming to buy a Split Air Conditioning or a Window AC? Lot of individuals are actually puzzled regarding like what is the distinction in between a home window air conditioner or split ac. Well window air conditioning system is a single unit Air Conditioning while split air conditioning unit are two system Air Conditioner in which one system is dealt with inside the room while an additional system is repaired outside the room.

5. Cost Installation & Maintenance

Throughout the installation of the device, you should make certain that you look for the solutions of an expert. This is extremely motivated because the efficiency of your new device is heavily dependent on the installation. That being said, it is very important to note that the installation of split devices is more difficult as contrasted to the window units.

Additionally, do put into mind the maintenance price differs from one air conditioning system to one more. Your dealership will use you essential standards on the most effective means to clean your recently acquired device. Servicing the air conditioner system every quarter will certainly assure you optimum performance.

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Voltas AC Technologies

Voltas AC Technologies

1. Two Stage Steady Compressor

The brand-new designs from them specifically the Voltas inverter Split Air Conditioning has a two-stage consistent cool compressor. This compressor operate an one-of-a-kind 2 phase inverter technology, that allows you to decrease the running price of your A/C properly. Further, this sort of compressor permits a bigger variety application letting it operate at temperature level as high as 55 degrees.

2. Catechin Filters

One more impressive attribute of the Voltas Air Conditioner are the catechin filters. This innovation stops bad scents outside from contaminating the fresh air inside your house. Contaminants such as pollen grains, dust, and cigarette smokes are prevented from making their method to your residence thanks to the anti-dust along with antibacterial residential properties of these filters.

Nano-silver fitted on the filter ensures that silver ions are released to disinfect bacteria. In addition, the silver ions can prevent the development of disease-causing microorganisms such as fungis. You can quickly eliminate the filters when you intend to clean them.

3. Hydrophilic Fins

The majority of the brand-new models include another impressive modern technology of hydrophilic fins. These fins raises the moistening capacity of the warmth exchanger and also provides a boosted defense against rust. This innovation was added to raise the life of the unit by fast removal of condensate from the interior system. Further, this also prevent the deposition of mold inside the unit and thus leading to better cooling.

4. Copper condenser

Voltas Air Conditioner are made from copper material that is one hundred percent pure. The copper used to manufacture them are very long lasting, simple to keep, and have a broadband of exchange to permit them to cool down faster contrasted to other brand names. The copper condenser is much better as contrasted to those made of light weight aluminum that are extra costly to repair as well as normally do not have cooling efficiency. Nonetheless, light weight aluminum versions are less expensive compared to the copper condensers.

5. Eco-friendly R-410 Refrigerant

Top notch versions have R-410A refrigerants that contain hydrofluorocarbon that is extremely friendly to the ozone layer. You do not have to fret so much concerning them breaking down as they are built with the capacity to withstand stress. Compared to traditional cooling agents( R-22), they can produce as well as take in more heat compared to traditional cooling agents. In addition, they have synthetic oils that guarantee the operations of the compressor are structured for a prolonged duration. The synthetic oils dissolve much better than mineral oils in R-22, providing you higher performance lowering the damages of the parts.

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6. Super Silent Operation

The Voltas Air Conditioning are known for its low noise operation. The brand-new versions from them function incredibly calmly with a noise level as low as 18dB (A). This value is much better than various other rival Air conditioners of this array.

7. Rotary Compressors

Residential ac system been available in two standard types; the rotating compressor as well as the reciprocating compressors. Rotary compressors press air using centrifugal action an impeller of high speed provided a relatively restricted room. These sorts of compressors operate better than reciprocating compressors as they create the fridge gas to shed stress as well as deal with minimal noise. Nonetheless, they tend to set you back more than their reciprocating equivalents.

8. Intelligent Sleep Modes

Another exceptional attribute of Voltas Air Conditioning are the intelligent sleep settings. You do not get just one sleep setting rather a variety of sleep setting to have undisturbed rest. In the brand-new versions, there are four standard type of sleep setting.

  1. Siesta Mode
  2. Sound Rest Mode
  3. Good Sleep Setting
  4. DIY Mode


Voltas has indeed obtained a lot of appeal and prowess in the Indian Market. The wide ranges of items that they provide from split inverters to home windows a/c unit have shown undeniable quality.

The five air conditioning unit mentioned above are on to the listing in terms of high quality as well as cost. This evaluation is based scientific research conducted on the operations of the Voltas Air Conditioning. You  can always look up to the internet as well as discover even more information on the Voltas AC and also their most recent innovations.


1. Is Voltas a good brand for AC?

Voltas sells a lot of different kinds of air conditioners in the Indian market. It is one of the most sold air conditioners in India, and a lot of people definitely seem to prefer it to other air conditioner brands. But does the amount of sales mean that Voltas sells the best ac in the market? The answer would differ from person to person, for its price, which is much cheaper than brands such as LG and Samsung, I feel the cooling efficiency is quite good. However, the lower cost of Voltas air conditioners does have its downfall as well. The cheaper Voltas air conditioners aren’t very durable, and the brands’ customer service is definitely something that can be improved.

2. Which is better, Voltas or Blue Star?

Voltas and Blue Star are some of the most popular air conditioner brands in India. You must have heard both of these brands during the ads between the cricket matches or Balika Vadhu on Colors. For me, Blue star fares slightly better than Voltas regarding the air conditioner’s cooling efficiency. In other aspects of an air conditioner, both brands provide almost the same level of comfort and satisfaction. However, both brands can improve on their customer service, as customers have to wait a long time to get their issues solved.

3. Which Is The Best Voltas Air Conditioner?

Out of all the Voltas air conditioners we have mentioned, we prefer the SAC_185V_JZJT. This is because it has some really good features, it filters out a lot of contaminants present in the air, and it also uses the R32 refrigerant, which is the most eco-friendly refrigerant to date.

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  1. After sales service is not good particularly in the area of Hyderabad (500048). Telangana. From last one week ,my a.c is not being attended for want of one part which has to come from Mumbai. It is the sensor mounted on a.c. which detects commands from the remote.. I have already paid Rs 2000/- on/1-4-21. The estimated cost is Rs 5500/- as per service engineer. Pl attend

  2. I purchased 1.5 ton window AC during April 2019. Not satisfied with the performance. With in two years, two major repairs aroused. Such as AC not starting and board problem.
    Now when were deep sleep gas escaped from the machine and very bad smell in the room. Luckily we woke up and vacated the room. I booked the complaint and still waiting for the mechanic.

  3. Worst brand I had experienced first time in my life as the new split AC I bought worked well for only 20days. Then a fault was raised in the compressor as per Voltas engineers when I raised complain of my new AC being not working. And it’s been almost 20 days my problem is not being solved inspite of me being regular follow up with Voltas authorised service center & customer care. Is it in this way Voltas is top brand in India

  4. The problem of my new AC which I bought on 9th of April 2021 is not being solved yet.

  5. This is regarding the Voltas product “Voltas 2 in 1 ConvertibleCooling 1.6 Ton 3 Star Split Inverter AC – White” I had purchased on Flipkart, Voltas team did the wrong installation resulting in product damaged, They even don’t fill the hole that they drilled on the wall to take the piping and wire to the indoor unit, which resulted in rainwater to go inside indoor unit and inside living room and also damaged my other home appliances and products.
    From the Day 1 of installation, there are lots of water leakage from the indoor unit, I even raised a complaint twice but not no action taken by the voltas service team giving excuses that because of lockdown the services are delayed.
    whereas other respective vendors like “LG” are still doing new AC installation and services in my neighborhood.
    This situation gives me the impression that once the product is sold you don’t even care about the services to the customers.
    I needed the service team to troubleshoot this issue within 24 hours, otherwise, I will be raising a legal complaint about this purchase and installation, also I will leave negative feedback on Flipkart about this purchase.
    Today I really regret my decision over purchasing an Indian Made product (Voltas) over other good products and services available in the market.
    Invoice Number # FADZ4A2200002214

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