Solved: Water Dripping From Split AC

Water Dripping From Split AC

Have you noticed that your air conditioner is leaking water? This mainly occurs due to dirty AC filters or bad AC installation. While a small amount of water dripping is regular, extreme leakage is not. Are you questioning how to fix AC? Read on to understand the other causes of your AC leaking water and how to take care of this issue.

How To Fix “Water Leaking From Split AC”

Here are a few reasons why your air conditioner could be leaking and how to fix them. If you have any doubts about these problems and solutions, feel free to comment below, and we will do our best to help you. 

1. Drain Line Problems & Your AC Dripping Water

Drain Line Problems & Your AC Dripping Water

There are numerous reasons why there is a big water leakage from your air conditioner, which is too regular. All of these reasons call for your AC to be repaired. Issues with the condensate drain line are the most common reason for an air conditioner leaking water inside your house.

As you may understand, your ac system’s method cools by removing water vapor from the air, which condenses into water (called “condensate”). When the air conditioning system works as it should, the condensate gathers on the evaporator coil and flows down through the drain line.

So, the drain line is a primary suspect when it pertains to water leakages. If it gets obstructed with dirt and debris (which are carried into the line in addition to the condensate), the backup can cause leakages or a rupture of the line.

Another issue that might occur is if your installers didn’t do a terrific job, the drain line might not be safely connected. Vibrations can cause it to come loose and result in your ac system leaking water inside your home.

If cut-rate installers can ruin a drain line setup, take this as your cue to avoid attempting this yourself. Get it fixed by correctly trained professionals to prevent future water leakages.

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2. Pan And Pump Concerns Can Trigger Water Leakages

If your indoor air conditioner unit (air handler) lies in the basement, your drain line may empty condensate into a drain pan which is then pumped out by a condensate pump.

(If it’s in an attic or crawl area, opportunities are you have a gravity drain line carrying condensate outside, and you won’t have this concern. You can avoid ahead to the next section!).

This kind of setup can cause your ac system to drip water inside your house in several methods:

  • An older drain pan can get rusted and establish holes and fractures.
  • The condensate pump can break down, triggering the pan to overflow.
  • If you’re convenient, you may be able to replace a rusted pan. You’ll require to employ the pros to replace the pump.

3. Frozen Coils & AC Water Leaks

 Frozen Coils & AC Water Leaks

Are you seeing a layer of frost or ice on the evaporator coils? This is a significant cause for concern because if your system keeps running too long in this condition, you can wind up with a fried compressor, which is very costly to fix. And you might need to replace the whole unit.

This is the only case where the air conditioning unit dripping water inside your home can be a good idea if it signals you to the issue in time to avoid compressor failure. That’s why it’s necessary to switch off the system instantly!

Frozen coils happen for a variety of factors; however, the 2 most common are:

  • Minimized air flow over the coils, typically arising from a stopped-up air filter.
  • A refrigerant leak.

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4. Dirty & Harmed Coils Can Cause Water To Drip

Have you been neglecting your yearly AC maintenance? If they have not been cleaned in a while, your AC coils are probably getting covered in a great deal of dust and grime. Or, the insulation on the outside of the coils can be split or harmed. In both cases, the condensate may not have the ability to diminish the coils into the drain line as it’s expected to. Rather, it gets diverted by the holes in the insulation and the accumulated debris, and it drips off the coil instead of running into the condensate line.

If you see small drips and puddles instead of a large quantity of water, look for obvious drips coming off the evaporator coil.

In this case, you’re lucky: you require an excellent coil cleaning and insulation replacement. If you understand what you’re doing, cleaning coils isn’t too challenging. If not, we advise leaving this job to the pros because you can damage the sensitive coil fins if you utilize incorrect cleansing items or incorrect strategies.


It is always an excellent concept to get an annual maintenance contract for your ac system. The professional cleaners will come and service your AC every few months. The AC filters will be cleaned up; the pipes will be de-clogged and broken parts will be replaced. This will keep your AC in good shape and will likewise stop the water from dripping into your room. Keep your AC well serviced and take pleasure in the cool air without any hassles whatsoever.

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